Beasts Madly in Love is the fifty-second chapter of the Vampire Knight manga.


Yuki asks Kaname if she can stay with him despite she still has feelings for Zero. Kaname says he wouldn't reject her just for that, and that is proof that he loves her. It'd be cruel to him if he locks Yuki up for her feelings towards Zero. Yuki runs away from him saying that she doesn't deserve to be with him. Kaname chases after her. Yuki tells him she's really cruel and he should let go of her, but he says he'd rather die than doing so, preferring to die at her hands with the Artemis.He also tells her that he'd gladly receive anything from her, even if it was cruel. He notices that Yuki's hungry and asks her to feed from him, so she does.

Somewhere else, Ruka and Kain wander in a forest when they discover the Hanadagi family's hideout. The guardian of the place tells them to go away, since they're not interested in taking part of the quarrels of the outside world. She tells them that her masters will continue on sleeping for another 400 years.Flashback: As Yuki drinks from Kaname, she sees part of his past, and gets a glimpse of the Kuran Ancestor (Kaname the Ancestor). Yuki notices a door and wonders what's in there.Although late, Zero finally arrives at the Hunter's Association. They are preparing to go to the "ball". Zero is made president of the Hunter's Association and Toga Yagari asks him to memorize the names of all vampires who will be attending this ball.Sara gets an invitation, and another invitation is sent to Takuma to the address. At the Kuran Mansion, Yuki's practicing to walk with high heels, trying to be elegant for the ball. She's happy for the path she's chosen.


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