The Blade That Severs All is the sixty-seventh chapter of the Vampire Knight manga series.

On cover: Yuki Kuran, Kaname Kuran and Zero Kiryu

The title is in reference to the anti-vampire weapon that Kaname is wielding and is capable of killing a pureblood.


Yuki, Kaname and Zero are all stand looking in opposing directions.

  • Cover catchphrase is "Now once again, our fates entwine"
  • Series tagline is: "Bloody legend."

Main plot points

  • Yuki begs Kaname not to leave.
  • Yori and Zero discuss Yuki.
  • Sara attacks Hanadagi and steals his heart.
  • Kaname saves Nagamichi Aido from Hanadagi and kills the Pureblood.
  • Yuki, Kaien and Hanabusa arrive in time to witness Kaname kill Hanabusa's father, Yuki feels desperate.


Yuki is now able to face Kaname as an equal, now that she knows the truth about him. Kaname says that he was going out, but Yuki begs him not to go. Kaname leaves, and Yuki gets the feeling that she must follow him so she went after him. Meanwhile, Zero is dreaming about Yuki and he grabbed Yori thinking it was Yuki. Later, Sara Shirabuki is seen breaking down the walls of the Hanadagi Castle. She thanks Ouri for his power and she enters. She notices that Lord Aido is following her, and she tells him to leave. Lord Aido begs Sara to stop causing an upheaval between the Purebloods. Sara admits that she would be starting an upheaval but she said that Aido could go and hide if he wished. Sara woke Hanadagi from his slumber, and he ripped off one of her arms, while Sara got his heart. Hanadagi disappears, and Sara took the power from his heart. Hanadagi-sama appears next to Lord Aido, and Hanadagi tells him to give him blood. Kaname is then seen, shoving a sword into Hanadagi's heart and Hanadagi turns to dust. Lord Aido thanks Kaname for saving him, but then Kaname says some words to him, and Kaname turns Lord Aido to dust as well. Yuki, Kaien and Aido appear at the scene. Aido calls, "father!" and Kaname says that he made the choice to stay with Yuki but now he was going to fulfill his original plans. He says,"I'm sorry" and turns into bats and disappear.

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  • This is the fourth chapter of Volume 14 of the Vampire Knight manga.

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