69th Night - I am Yuki Kuran is the sixty-ninth chapter of the Vampire Knight manga series.

On cover: Yuki, Zero, Kaien, Yagari, Kaito, Jinmu

The title refers to Yuki's affirmation of taking over the duties as the head of the Kuran's.


Yuki is wearing a red dress while chained to the floor, cuffed on her feet and her right hand. Zero, Kaien, Kaito, Yagari, and Jinmu stand around her, all facing away from her.

  • Cover catchphrase is "Held captive by hunters, my heart has been bound far away, and yet, I... "
  • Series tagline is: "The bloody legend of humans and vampires!"
  • This is the first cover to predominantly feature the Vampire Hunters.
  • This is the first color images of Yagari, Kaito and Jinmu.
  • Zero holds the Artemis scythe, while Kaito possibly holds the Bloody Rose [1].

Main plot points

  • Yuki is interrogated by Kaien, but she knows nothing.
  • Zero goes hunting with Kaito and saves a little girl, but the vampire gets away.
  • Yuki promises Aido she will take responsibility to find out why Kaname killed his father.
  • Yuki absorbs the memories of the catatonic girl and wakens her.
  • Yuki gets permission from Kaien to hunt down the vampires that escaped from Zero.


Memorable Quotes


Characters in order of appearance:


  • This is the first chapter of Volume 15 of the Vampire Knight manga.
  1. Kaito holds a silver gun, but not enough appears to confirm if it is the Bloody Rose.
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