The Arrogant King and the Conceited Queen is the eighty fourth chapter in the Vampire Knight manga.


Maria receives a message via bird that the Academy is also facing adversity. Aido tells vampires that were rejuvenated due to Yuki's pure blood tablets that they must stay where they are, and interfering in a fight between Purebloods would only be a hindrance. Aido states he will produce blood tablets that will negate the current tablets' power. The vampires can hardly believe that Yuki and Kaname are fighting one another, since they seemed inseperable at the ball. 

Yuki's familiar, a butterfly attacks Kaname with the aid of Zero's Bloody Rose vines. Kaname belittes Yuki's butterflies since they embody light, which is so like her. Zero points Bloody Rose at him saying not to look down on them, since they are butterflies that suck blood, not honey, and not to look down on himself either since he can fight as well. Sara tries to arouse Zero's anger by reminding him why his brother had to die. Kaien watches over the furnace, where the anti-vampire weapons that can also kill Purebloods, so that the fire doesn't go out. Yuki asks Kaname whether the Ancestress really wanted all Purebloods gone. Zero reveals he only took blood from Sara to gain the strength to hold Kaname down, not to enact revenge. 

Yuki says it wasn't the Ancestress's wish for things to have become chaotic, or for the Purebloods to act with such arrogance. Yuki is aggrivated and asks how could he forget that. The parent metal crawls out of the furnace, and every hunter notices, including Senri and Rima. Senri rushes to the Association to help Takuma, his benefactor, and says dark places aren't suited for someone like Takuma. Takuma arrives and holds Zero captive, telling Kaname and Yuki to drop their weapons, and is envious of Zero since he is always of "use" to Kaname, Sara, or Yuki. Takuma wishes for neither Sara nor Kaname to die, and at that moment, the parent metal jolts out and pierces Sara.


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Memorable Quotes

"Look... Isn't the one who made a mess out of your parents, your brother and your life right in front of your eyes?" -Sara Shirabuki

"If you kill that man you would fulfill what you want. Kill him, killing doll." -Sara Shirabuki

"No, hurry and give him the finishing blow and make me the true Vampire Queen." -Sara Shirabuki

"Kiryu-kun... I'm envious of you....because you "are of use" Kaname and Sara-san and to Yuki-chan too. You are always necessary...." -Takuma Ichijo

" you really think that Sara is a Pureblood who should be allowed to live..?" -Kaname Kuran


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