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Ai Kuran is the only daughter of Yuki Kuran and Kaname Kuran. She is also the last Pureblood of the Kuran family. She appears at the end of Chapter 93 with her younger half-sister to give Yuki's final message to Kaname when he wakes up from his 1000-year slumber.


Ai has the traits that every member of the Kuran clan possesses and is very beautiful, like her mother and grandmother. When Ai was a child, she had short, wild hair that was accessorized with a hair band. When she became a member of the Night Class, her hair had grown to her shoulders and was described by her mother, Yuki, as soft and shiny like her father's. Once reaching adulthood, Ai's hair had grown long and wavy with bangs that hung just above her eyebrows. In the extra chapters, Ai has been seen to wear her hair in a high pony tail when cooking. Ai has big eyes like her mother but with the reddish-brown color similar to her father.

It is noted by other characters that she resembles her father Kaname, having a calm face and a smile like her mother, Yuki.


Although not much is known about Ai, Zero has stated that, unlike Yuki, she is more mature for her age. In the Extra "I Like You", she is shown to adore Zero as her "Father", until the following 'Love's Desire' where she is shown to have romantic feelings for him. However, she keeps quiet for her mother's sake. Ai does, in fact, tell Ruka her feelings. Ai was a very observant child and seemed more aware of things happening around her than the adults were aware of. Ai has a good sibling relationship with her sister Ren as they are shown scolding one another. A young Ai was very much hyperactive in nature, a trait which has followed her into adulthood.

Between the years of letting go of her crush on Zero and Ren's birth, Ai showed a rather dark side in trying to manipulate her mother and foster father into producing a sibling for her. Primarily so Ai could love her sibling and drink its blood, as she rather dislikes the alternatives of transfusion bag blood and blood tablets.

Due to growing up in the lifestyle of a Pureblood, Ai is naïve of some lower class customs. For example, she did not know what a job was.


Ai appears at Kaname's resting place along with her younger half-sister and her mother Yuki. Ai and her younger sister watch their mother give her life to Kaname to turn him human. She passed a message from her mother to her father "I want to give to you, whom I love, the world that I saw when I was a human". Ai and her sister watch over Kaname when he wakes up as a human.

She appears in the extra Life as a baby. She was born four years after her mother Yuki left Cross Academy. In the last extra I Like You, she and her sister tell Kaname what happened in the last thousand years and about the efforts of Aido, Yuki and the others but he appears not to be listening to them to which Ai and her half sister remember that Kaname had his memories sealed along with his vampire side so the past does not matter to him. Ai tells her sister that she does not want Kaname to not know about what transpired during his thousand year sleep and appears upset. She and her sister are then hugged by Kaname who asks them to tell him more about what happened in the past one thousand years.


Yuki Kuran

Yuki Kuran was Ai's mother. In the last chapter Ai stays by her mother's side before she sacrifices her life to turn Ai's father Kaname into a human. It is seen in Life, that the reason Yuki was able to survive her grief of Kaname's death was because of Ai's birth. As noted in later chapters when Ai is still a child, Yuki and Ai share a dear and lovely relationship. When Ai becomes older, their relationship remains strong, even in spite of Ai's romantic feelings for Zero.

Kaname Kuran

Kaname Kuran is Ai's father. In the chapter. I Like You, after she and Ren are there to greet him after Yuki has awakened him by giving her heart to him, he hugs both of them. Ai is shown to be happy with finally having reconnected with her father and though not much has been revealed with Vampire Knight Memories having only begun, the two have frequently been shown enjoying each other's company.

Zero Kiryu

Whilst Ai as very young, Zero Kiryu was her father figure as her real father, Kaname, was dead. In "Life" he meets Ai for the first time. He puts out his hand and teased her for making her mother attack him and she latches on to his finger. Before I Like You and after Life, Zero started taking care of Ai whenever her mother was busy with Vampire Society. In I Like You, Ai adores Zero and calls him her father to which he reminds her that Kaname is her actual "father", but she persists by saying that he is her "father" too. In her teenage years Ai admits that she is in love with Zero and Ruka stated that it was painful to watch the person she wants as her "prince" love another. This made Ai heartbroken and frustrated so she continues to ask Zero and Yuki for a little sister that she can have all to herself to feed from. Even in adulthood, it is shown that Ai still has romantic feelings for Zero.

Ren Kiryu

Ren Kiryu is Ai's younger half-sister. The moment Ren was born, the two immediately became close. When the siblings had grown up they are shown to have a typical sibling relationship, scolding each other whenever one gets out of line.

When Ai gets depressed or annoyed that Kaname can't remember Yuki or Zero, Ren is able to calm her down. Ai also shows love to her sister such as resting her head on her shoulder and talking about their parents and the memories they had.


  • In Japanese, Ai's name (愛, ai) means an extremely strong form of unconditional love, and is very rarely used in the Japanese language due to how strong it is.


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