The Ancestors are the progenitors of the vampire race who evolved from humans over ten thousand years ago during a climate change, which resulted in the post-apocalyptic timeline that Vampire Knight currently takes place in. The Ancestors and their full-blooded offspring were later to be known as Pureblood vampires. The Ancestors also known amongst themselves as founders, due to being the very first vampires in existence.

The mixed blood of the Pureblood ancestors, and that of lower class vampires or humans, is the cause of the Aristocrat vampires vampires ranked below the Purebloods.

Powers & Abilities

The Ancestors like Purebloods are the strongest type of vampires who are blessed with incredible powers. Although they were born from human parents, they have no human blood in their lineage.

Like their descendants, the Purebloods, the Ancestors had the ability to turn humans into vampires. If a lower class vampire (level B, C, and D) continually drinks their blood it will make their abilities more powerful and increase their lifespan. While their blood and flesh is toxic for humans to consume, the rare few who survive end up gaining accelerated healing capabilities and the ability sense vampires. These select few later become known as Vampire Hunter.

List of Ancestor Vampires


  • The Ancestor were born from humans.
  • Ancestors powers are passed down through purebloods and purebloods to Aristocrats.

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