Yuki Kuran wielding the Artemis Rod

The Artemis Rod is Yuki Kuran's anti-vampire weapon, which she received from Kaien Cross and she always wears it hidden under her skirt on a leather band. The Artemis Rod is, in its "normal" state, an approximately 20 cm long rod, which can be extended and it eventually can turn into a scythe. If vampires touch this weapon, it will react against them with small flashes. For the vampire, this is unpleasant, but they cannot be killed by this. Only when the Artemis Rod is in its scythe form is it capable of killing vampires.

Yuki left the weapon behind after parting with Zero and leaving Cross Academy in 46th Night. The weapon was left in the custody of the Hunters Association, but was returned to Yuki when Kaname gave it back to her in 57th Night.

In the last chapter 93rd Night, Artemis turned into dust before Yuki can use it.

Yuki's Reawakening

The first time Yuki Kuran picks up the Artemis Rod following her reawakening back into a vampire, it tries to reject her, but Yuki persists in spite of warnings from Kaname Kuran and it transforms into a scythe.


  • Kaname Kuran carries the Artemis Scythe on the cover of Volume 2.
  • Juri Kuran was also a wielder of the Artemis Scythe.
  • Artemis was the Greek Goddess of hunting and of the moon.
  • The Artemis Scythe is in the shape of a bat with the bigger wing being the blade
  • Kaname the Ancestor was the creator of Artemis and Artemis was passed down through his bloodline (Chapter 64).


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