These are chapter summaries for the Vampire Knight manga series.

Vampire Knight

Volume 1

1st NightCross Academy Night Class

Yuki and Zero act as Guardians of the school. The Guardians primary duty is keeping the Day Class from finding out that the Night Class are vampires. Yuki’s hero is Kaname Kuran, Dorm President of the Night Class. Yuki is herding Day Class students wandering about after hours, are found by Kain and Aido. Yuki has hurt her hand and Aido licks her blood and asks to drink from her neck until Zero turns up and almost shoots Aido with his anti-vampire gun. Kaname punishes Aido for being tempted by Yuki’s blood.

2nd NightZero’s Secret

The Day Class girls are going crazy over valentines day. Zero saves an over-enthusiastic student when she falls off the wall she is climbing. The Headmaster expresses his desire for peace between Vampires and Humans, angering Zero. Yuki gives the Headmaster and Zero her usual valentines gifts. Yori discovers Yuki plans to give chocolates to Kaname. The Academy organizes the giving of valentine’s gifts. Yuki drops her chocolates and Zero tosses them to Kaname on her behalf. Zero appears to be sick. Zero is shown to be a vampire. Yuki discovers Zero recovering in the bathroom, she does not discover his secret and gives him her only handmade chocolate.

3rd NightThe Vampire of Vampires

Flashback – Zero arrives at the Headmaster's place four years earlier after his parents were killed by a vampire. Kaname confronts the Headmaster over Zero, he wants Zero transferred to the Night Class. The Nobles, led by Ruka, confront Zero as they are annoyed by Kaname’s interest in Zero, Yuki disperses the group before anything major occurs. Zero bites Yuki.

4th NightThe Promise...

Kaname discovers Zero has given into his bloodlust, Yuki faints and is taken away by Kaname. Yuki is upset that she did not know Zero has been suffering for four years. Yuki stops Zero from killing himself. Zero tells Yuki he is dangerous and plans to leave. Yuki stops Zero from leaving, promising to kill him herself if he ever lost control again.

5th NightMy Dear Girl

The vampires are restless because they smelt the scent of blood the night before and don’t know why. Yuki refuses to let Zero join the Night Class. The Headmaster performs a ritual for Yuki to tame Zero. Yuki goes to tell Kaname that Zero being a vampire is to be kept secret and finds Aido. Aido threatens Yuki wanting to know what is between her and Kaname, she reveals their history. Aido tells Yuki that she belongs to Kaname. Kaname reveals that Yuki is the most important person to him.

Extra Story – Night Class

Aido is punished by Kaname.

Volume 2

6th NightOutside Cross Academy

Yuki is almost trampled by White Lily, who is caught by Zero. Yuki and Zero go on a shopping errand in town. Yuki treats Zero to ice cream in a shop where the waitress mistakes Zero for a Night Class student, upset he runs off. Yuki chases after Zero and is attacked by a mad vampire, she is saved by Zero. Shiki and Ichijo show up and destroy the vampire.

7th NightNight Party

Yuki, Zero and the Headmaster have dinner, the Headmaster gives Zero a container of blood tablets. Yuki and Zero go to the Moon Dormitory at Ichijo's invitation. They discover the occasion is actually an outdoor party in celebration of Ichijo’s 18th birthday. Ichijo explains about the different levels of vampires, specifically Level E vampires, Ex-human vampires who have fallen to inevitable madness. Kaname makes Yuki sit with him and Zero threatens Kaname with the Bloody Rose. Zero abandons the party after Senri spills some of Takuma’s blood and Yuki follows him. Zero reveals his body is rejecting the blood tablets and he almost bites Yuki when she pulls them into the water and Zero is shot by a newcomer.

8th NightThe Forbidden Act

Flashback- Zero is trained by Yagari as a vampire hunter. Yuki protects Zero from Yagari. Yuki worries for Zero’s suffering over his cravings for blood. Yagari acts a substitute teacher for the Night Class. Yuki finds out from Yagari where they have isolated Zero. Yuki confronts Zero and asks him to drink her blood.

9th NightChoices Made

The Headmaster is summoned to the vampire hunter’s association regarding Zero. Zero drinks Yuki’s blood. Kaname learns that Yuki is letting Zero drink her blood and Yuki feels guilty when she fears Kaname might find out. Yagari almost shoots Zero in the head when they are interrupted by Yuki.

Extra Story – I Must've Been Born Under the 'Victim of Circumstances' Star...

Kain reflects on how he gets into trouble by association (usually Aido).

Volume 3

10th NightThe Lord of the Moon Dormitory

Takuma gets disturbing news that his scary grandfather is coming to visit. All the Night Class turn up to greet Asato Ichijo including Kaname. Ichiou provokes the Night Class and Ruka and Aido jump to protect Kaname, causing problems. Ruka offers Kaname her blood, but Kaname declines her offer, claiming that he is well and there is no need for worry. When she talks to Akatsuki about her love for Kaname, she reveals that Kaname once drank her blood when she arrived at the school. It is implied that vampires drink blood from other vampires in order to satiate cravings they cannot otherwise fulfill. Akatsuki tells Ruka that Kaname rejects her because her blood is "no longer enough" for him. Ichijo asks Yuki for insight on Kaname, claiming that because Yuki and Kaname used to be close, she has seen a side of him that other vampires have not.

11th NightMemories of Snow, Blood and Tenderness

Flashback on Kaname saving Yuki. Yuki watches Zero at the shooting range and decides he is back to normal. Yuki suspects Kaname already knows what she did with Zero. Zero upsets Yuki when he tells her that even her blood tastes of her longing for Kaname. Flashback scenes. Yuki learns Kaname is a vampire. Yuki accepting Kaname and no longer being afraid of him. Yuki's celebrates the day Kaname saved her. Yuki goes to meet Kaname for his annual visit on her ‘birthday’.Yuki meets Zero for the first time.

12th NightWe Were Powerless Back Then

Yuki falls asleep on the couch while waiting to talk to Zero. Flashback scenes. Yuki stops Zero from hurting himself and pledges to stay by his side. Zero meets Kaname for the first time and tries to attack him. The Chairman presents his idea to Yuki and a hostile Zero for integrating vampires into their school; Zero does not trust the vampires. Yuki goes to find Kaname on the first day of school and later sees him drinking Ruka’s blood (the incident that was referred to in Chapter 10); Kaname looks up and sees her. Yuki learns to fear vampires again and realizes the difference between vampires and humans. Kaname confronts Zero and reveals that he has allowed Zero to live because he has chosen him to protect Yuki.

13th NightHe Who Pulls the Trigger

Zero and Yuki argue over Kaname, Yuki declares her resolve that her blood is for Zero as her obligation. Zero shocks Yuki by threatening to drink her blood. The Chairman sends Zero on a secret assignment. Yuki follows Zero when she thinks he is running away again. Zero hunts down the Level E Vampire. Senri and Rima arrive to take care of the level E as Yuki arrives on the scene. Yuki is caught by the Level E, but Zero saves her and kills him.

14th NightThe Late Arrival: A New Student

During a standard Guardian day’s work, Aido ’kidnaps’ Yuki, before she is ‘saved’ by Zero. A new student and vampire, Maria Kurenai, arrives at Cross academy. Yuki shows Maria around the school and Maria takes a liking to her. The other vampires are at odds with the new girl as she rubs them the wrong way. Yuki and Zero have a talk, Yuki confirms her promise to kill Zero if it comes to that. Zero feels an instant hostility to Maria and threatens her. However, Yuki defends Maria. Aido and Kain suspect something is not right with Maria Kurenai and bring up the subject of the other Pureblood on Kaname Kuran's level, Shizuka Hio, who disappeared after killing Zero's family and is presumed dead. Kaname sets Takuma on Maria’s case.

Extra Story – The Warmth That Slipped from Her Palm. And...

Yuki is sick and wants Kaname to stay by her side all night, then Yuki holds Kaname hand . Yuki wakes up only to find that Kaname has left. She finds Zero at her door, and asks what he was doing there. He gets up and walks away, saying "Nothing.". Yuki touches the floor where Zero sat and claims that it's the only spot where there is warmth.

Volume 4

15th NightStorm on the Chestboard

Maria requests to stay in the old dorm separate from the rest of the Night Class. It's exam time and Yuki is threatened by the Class President to pull up her grades otherwise her class will work backstage at the ball. Maria goes wandering into Day Class territory and Zero warns Yuki to stay away from her. Aido talks to Zero about Shizuka Hio. Zero tutors Yuki. Yuki notices Zero touching his neck and asks him if he's being bothered by it. Zero says the place where he was bitten aches. Yuki interlaces her fingers with Zero's at his neck and asks him what's wrong with him. Yuki tells Zero she's worried for him and gets up to make a cup of coffee for him since he seems sleepy. Zero grabs Yuki's hand from behind. Zero tells Yuki that because she was there he was able to live on. Zero says goodnight to Yuki and leaves. Zero finds Maria and threatens her as reveals that he knows she is Shizuka.

16th NightHidden Intentions

Zero is unable to kill Maria/Shizuka because she is his master. Yuki spies on them while they fight, but Kaname erases her memory. Yuki spaces out on the exam. Yuki confronts Maria and remembers what happened. Yuki's class prepares for the ball. Yuki lets Zero bite her again. Yuki makes a deal with Maria/Shizuka to save Zero.

17th NightQuid Pro Quo

Kaname gives Yuki a dress for the ball. Zero and Yuki do their job as Guardians at the ball. Yuki dances with Kaname while Zero watches. Yuki runs off from the dance. Kaname sends Zero after her. Akatsuki and Aido discover Shizuka Hio's body in the cellar of the old dorm where Maria is staying. Yuki has chosen to sacrifice herself and become a vampire in order to save Zero. Aido sends Akatsuki to report to Kaname. Shizuka returns to her real body. Zero arrives and threatens Shizuka, but Yuki stands and defends her.

18th NightHope

Yuki tells Zero that drinking Shizuka’s blood will save him, in return she will become a vampire. Akatsuki discovers Kaname has gone missing. Zero decides to kill Shizuka and drink her blood before she dies instead when Yuki tries to stop him using her bracelet. Shizuka takes control of Zero. She bites Zero again. Before she can bite Yuki, Zero struggles from her control, finally shooting himself as he breaks free and shoots Shizuka multiple times. Yuki stops him and he admits he is ready to die once Shizuka is dead. Zero is stopped by Shizuka’s bodyguard and his twin brother, Ichiru.

19th NightA Spoke in the Wheel

Flashback – Ichiru and Zero, before the attack, meets Shizuka for the first time. Zero warns him to stay away from her as she is a vampire. Ichiru lacks talent as a Hunter and is a sickly boy. Ichiru overhears his parents saying they will have no use for him as a Hunter. Ichiru meets Shizuka again. Zero senses Shizuka as she comes to attack, she kills his parents and turns Zero into a vampire. Present – An injured Shizuka meets Kaname and he takes advantage of her weakness by plunging his hand through her heart.

Extra Story – It’s Too Frightening to Ask, 'Why Only Me...?'

Aido and Ichijo have an election to find out who will be Dorm Class President.

Volume 5

20th NightGame Over

Flashback – Ichiru leaves with Shizuka after she has bitten Zero. Present - Ichiru tells Zero he has always hated him and wanted to make him suffer. Kaname drinks Shizuka’s blood to take her strength. Ichiru tells Zero that Shizuka made him strong and offers to let Zero join them as her manservant. Zero and Ichiru attack each other. Ichiru reveals he is not a vampire. Kaname leaves Shizuka to die and makes a promise to her. Aido oversees Kaname kill Shizuka. Yuki begs Zero not to die and he promises to return. Ichiru finds Shizuka’s body and drinks the last of her blood. He blames Zero for her death.

21st NightGuilty

Zero is recovering from that night, Yuki worries for Zero and his slow recovery. She bites Zero in return to convince him to bite her to aid his recovery. He forcibly declines. Kain reports to Kaname about Shizuka’s death, implicating Zero as her killer. Akatsuki and Aido discuss Shizuka. The Vampire Council sends vampires after Zero to execute him for killing Shizuka.

22nd NightThings That Have Changed, Things That That Did Not Change

Kaname and the Night Class step in to stop the vampires from executing Zero. Yuki talks to the Chairman about the incident. Takuma notices the changes in Kaname. Yuki declares she is on Zero’s side and Zero questions her as to what he means to her. Zero confronts Kaname about killing Shizuka.

23rd NightLost Lambs

Yuki hangs around outside the boy’s dormitory. Aido runs away from the Moon Dormitory and stays at the Chairman’s residence. Takuma and Kaname discuss the positive reaction Kaname is getting for his actions. Zero makes dinner for Aido. Yuki worries about Zero and the little time he has left. Aido reveals he knows that Zero is a vampire. Yuki declares to Aido that she will always trust Kaname. Yuki cuts her finger and Zero licks it before biting her wrist while Yuki wonders what Zero means to her. Kaname talks to the Council and they acquiesce to his request for peace.

24th NightA Small Incident

Zero sleeps in class. A female Day Class student collapses after a Night Class student has been drinking her blood. Kaname starts an investigation and he implies Zero is a suspect leading Yuki to oppose him and investigate for herself. Yuki worries about Kaname’s reaction to her rebellion. Zero and Yuki encounter Takuma and the Night Class trying to investigate the incident. Zero abandons them. Zero confronts the Chairman on cooperating with covering up Shizuka’s real murderer. Zero has a nightmare about killing Yuki. Yuki finds Zero shocked by his dream. Kaname captures the culprit. Zero almost kisses Yuki.

Volume 6

25th Night – Vampire Soirée

Zero tells Yuki he had a strange dream, Yuki is troubled by his actions. Yori notices Yuki’s strange behavior. Yuki finds a lost boy. Zero is assigned to watch over the vampire party. The little boy leads Yuki astray and knocks her out. Yuki finds herself in the building of the party, she talks with Kaname. Ichijo advises Yuki to stay in the room during the party. Zero stands guard at the party and talks with Yagari. Yuki lured from her room spies on the party, she watches Zero and Kaname before running away. Kaname goes and lays in Yuki’s arms.

26th NightKaname...

Kaname licks Yuki’s neck and offers to turn her into a vampire. She complies, but as he is about to bite her neck, tears start to come out of her eyes. Kaname apologizes for scaring her and for his getting too carried away. He sends her away and she is picked up by Yori and the Chairman. Yuki worries about her lack of answer to Kaname. The students leave for the break, Kaname talks to Yuki and asks Zero to protect her. Maria wakes up and she reveals secrets to Zero. Yuki reveals her fears and tells him about Kaname’s offer. Zero swears to never let it happen.

27th NightThe Archives

Maria leaves the Cross Academy. Yuki thinks about the recent events and feels guilty about her words hurting Zero as she tries to remember her past. Yuki sees blood in the bath and is comforted by Zero. Zero takes Yuki to check the Hunter’s Association’s archives. Yuki finds out that the Chairman used to be a vampire hunter. Zero struggles with a sudden case of bloodlust and the President suggests Zero to drink Kaname’s blood to lengthen his life. Yuki’s past goes up in flames.

28th NightThe Kuran Family

The Night Class travels to Aido's Mansion by train. Instead of going to their respective families, they have gathered at Aido’s family residence whose parents are away. Flashback to Aido’s childhood meeting Kaname for the first time. Kaname asks to be Aido’s friend, but he refuses. Aido meets Kaname again a few years later and Aido admits he likes Kaname and wants to be friends. Present – Kaname tells Aido his parents were murdered.

29th NightQuickening

Senri visits his home and takes care of his mother. Aido asks Kaname who killed his parents and if it was Shizuka. Kaname answers that he mustn't tell him. Aido tells Kaname that he wants to serve him and Kaname tells Aido he's happy he didn't suspect him to be the one who killed them. Aido tells Kaien he will start looking for enemies of the Kuran family and says he has a really bad feeling about it. Senri visits his uncle. Senri's uncle shows Senri that his father isn't dead but instead, he is still alive. Zero finds Yuki lonely in her room. Yuki tells Zero that she believes someone is hiding her past from her. Yuki suspects Kaname and claims she must clarify things with him. Yuki notices Zero's concerned face and tells him not to waste his precious time on her. Zero approaches Yuki and she recalls their almost kiss. Zero bites Yuki and drinks more of her blood than usual. Yuki stops him. Zero tells Yuki that he won't be able to live if he doesn't drink her blood, and tries to make her understand that she's his victim, that she has the right to be cruel to him and it doesn't matter how much she makes him worried. Zero tells Yuki he would sacrifice his leftover life for her if necessary. Yuki grabs Zero's shirt and cries and finally admits of being very scared about her past. Zero hugs and comforts her. Shiki is possesed by his father.

Extra Story – Kaname-sama and I, Prior to the Night Class

Aido goes on TV and gushes about Kaname.

Volume 7

30th NightFor Whom the Blood Flows

The holiday ends and the students return to Cross Academy. Kaname presents Yuki with a Resin Rose. Yuki asks to talk with Kaname later. Takuma meets with his grandfather and they discuss Kaname as his grandfather introduces him to a familiar face. Yuki starts seeing illusions and Zero reveals to the Chairman that he has been drinking Yuki’s blood. Yuki is surprised by Kaname, but she is unable to ask him about her past and instead, Kaname tells Yuki he loves her. Zero goes to confront Kaname. Kaname and Zero attack each other. Kaname tells Zero to drink his blood to prevent him from becoming a Level E, because he needs Zero to protect Yuki. Zero bites Kaname. Ichiru returns to Cross Academy.

31st NightThe Path to the Answer

Yuki thinks about Kaname’s words the night before. Ichiru shows up in class and Yuki worries about his motives. Yuki tries to talk with Ichiru, but Zero interrupts. Yuki notices Zero is no longer close to being a level E and asks Zero to accompany her when she confronts Kaname. Zero remembers Kaname’s words from the night before. Takuma realizes Senri has been possessed by Rido Kuran, his father.

32nd NightThe Make-Believe Sandbox

Yuki asks Kaname for a meeting. Yuki talks to Zero about her love for Kaname and reiterates that she will always trust him no matter what and they go to confront Kaname. Yuki asks Kaname for the truth about her past. Kaname asks Yuki to be his lover and promises to give her the truth if she agrees.

33rd NightA Pureblood's Lover

Kaname meets with Ichiru and the Chairman. Yuki worries Yori with her nightmares. Kaname sends Aido and the others to protect Yuki during the day. Zero reminds Yuki of his promise to never let her become a vampire. Yuki has lunch with Kaname, Yuki is overwhelmed by her feelings and faints. Ichiru has dinner with Zero and the chairman and tells Zero to give up on Yuki. Shiki and Ichijo return to Cross Academy.

34th NightBloody World

Rima notices the change in Senri. Akatsuki questions Kaname’s ‘lovers game’. Yuki’s nightmares causes her to almost strangle Zero. Zero tells Yuki she can do whatever she wishes with his life. Yuki guiltily confesses that her helping Zero has been for herself to make up for the hole in her memories. Zero tells her the only one she needs is Kaname. Yuki finds she cannot awaken from her nightmares. Kaname threatens Rido/Senri. Kaname goes to Yuki and bites her.

Extra Story – Cross Family Vacation

Yuki and the Chairman drag Zero out on a sunny summer holiday.

Volume 8

35th NightYuki

Ichiru reveals his part in the plot with Rido/Senri and pledges to kill those who killed Shizuka, wishing for Rido’s rebirth. Kaname drinks Yuki’s blood and Yuki passes out. Kaname feeds Yuki his blood and Yuki remembers her past. Zero detects that Yuki is now a vampire and Yuki reveals that Kaname is her brother. Flashback to Yuki’s past: Juri teases Kaname, telling him he is like a wise old man. Yuki has been kept a secret from the outside world by her parents. Kaname promises to always be by Yuki’s side and keep her safe. Yuki reveals she has been seeing Rido’s eyes in her dreams. Rido comes for Yuki. Haruka fights Rido and Juri asks Kaname to take care of Yuki before sacrificing herself to seal Yuki’s vampire nature. Kaname reveals he is not truly Yuki’s brother to Zero.

36th NightThe Unwanted

Zero doubts Kaname’s revelations. Kaname takes Yuki away. Rido decides it is time to go after Yuki. Aido and the rest of the Night Class learn the truth about who Yuki really is. Rido/Senri and Takuma discuss the Hunter's twin curse. Rima confronts Rido/Senri. Yuki drinks Kaname’s blood. Rido/Senri attacks Rima, and she attempts to awaken Senri within. Yuki comes to a resolve regarding Zero and she leaves her room with Aido and Kain.

37th NightLike a Sin

Yuki visits Zero. Zero aims the Bloody Rose at his door. Yuki tells Zero her vampire side ate her human side and she leaves. Kaname goes to see Rido’s body and talks with Ichiru. Zero is now more sensitive to sunlight. Yagari detains Zero on orders from the Hunter's association. Kaname gives his blood to Rido to allow him to heal.

38th NightConspiracy

Flashback: Haruka fights Rido’s underlings. Rido and Haruka fight. Kaname arrives too late to save Haruka from Rido’s attack with a Hunter’s weapon. Kaname finds himself unable to kill Rido, instead he crushes Rido’s body. Kaname reveals to Takuma and Ichiru that he is the first Kuran and Rido is his master who awakened him. The Head of the Hunter's Association and Ichiou have a meeting regarding Rido and Zero. Zero is confined in a former prison cell for vampires at the Academy.

Extra Story – The Scarlet Cherry Blossoms Scattered Quietly

The story of Shizuka’s guilt and Ichiru’s punishment.

Extra Story – The Secret I Don't Know

Flashback to Zero and Yuki when they were roughly about 13 and 12 years old: Yuki is shocked when Zero comes home with a tattoo. She makes Kaname jealous by asking him about it.

Volume 9

39th NightThe Academy in Turmoil

Yuki senses Rido’s awakening. Classes are cancelled and Yori is worried about Yuki being missing. The Day Class are attacked by an ex-human vampire and Akatsuki and Ruka arrive to kill her. Yori is attacked by another vampire and is saved by Aido and Yuki. Yuki reveals she is a vampire to Yori and Yori hugs her. Rido awakens. Kaname visits Zero and reveals his plans for Zero to defeat Rido. Kaien holds onto his dream of peace. Ichiru shoots Zero with the Bloody Rose.

40th NightThe Arms That Held the Original Sin

Flashback - Ichiru laments on being born weak. Zero laments on being the cause of Ichiru’s weakness and says he doesn’t deserved to loved. Present – Zero is weakened by the shot. Ichiru discusses Shizuka and reveals Rido’s role. Flashback- Ichiru attacks Rido, but is easily dispatched. Present- Ichiru asks Zero to complete the fragmentation and eat him because he is dying. Zero gives in to Ichiru’s wishes. Zero leaves the cell bearing an ominous aura.

41st NightArtemis

Senri awakens from his possession. Akatsuki and Ruka prepare to protect the Day Class and Takuma goes on a mission. Kaien refuses to kill vampires and takes a stand against the Hunter's Association. Kaname tries to convince Yuki to leave, but she senses Rido’s presence and decides she cannot go. Kaname is tempted to spirit Yuki away by force, but Yuki refuses. The Artemis Rod reacts against Yuki and she explains her fear of losing herself. Kaname fears losing her for another ten years. Yuki kisses Kaname and promises to return to his arms. Kaname leaves to destroy the Vampire Council and leaves the rest to Zero. In Yuki’s hands, the Artemis Rod transforms into a scythe.

42nd NightBloody Rose

Yuki reflects on her ten years as a human. Ruka and Kain face off against higher level vampires. Aido is saved from Rido by Yuki. Yuki meets her uncle. Rido decides he will have Yuki instead of eating her. Aido saves Yuki from Rido. Yuki pushes Aido off the building just before Zero attacks Rido. Zero arrives with new powers. Zero is attacked from behind by Rido, but Yuki saves him. Zero asks her why she did it when she is the enemy and Yuki declares she will always be his ally.

43rd NightVampire Night

Yuki and Zero fight Rido. Kaname summons the Council and tells them they are corrupt before ordering them to take off their heads. Rido calls Zero his prey and intends to consume his power, all the while calling Yuki by her mother's name. Zero pushes Yuki off the roof intending to destroy Rido alone. The building collapses, Shiki escapes carrying Rima. Yuki destroys Rido with Zero's help. Zero turns his gun on Yuki. Kaname confronts Ichiou, but leaves him to his grandson, Takuma. Yuki decides to fight Zero.

Volume 10

44th NightObsession

Kaname contemplates dubious attachments. Zero hesitates on pulling the trigger as his memories of Yuki start to overwhelm him. Flashbacks on Yuki comforting Zero from his perspective.Zero is disturbed by Kaname because of his attachment to Yuki. Zero realises he is beginning to turn and his violent outbreak results in an injury to Yuki and Zero realises he needs to suppress his vampire side. Zero decides he needs to break free from his attachment to Yuki and tells Yuki he wouldn't mind if she killed him.

45th NightEach in His Place

Maria spies on Kaname's actions and warns the rest of the vampire society. Yagari and Kaien battlies the vampires and confronts the hunters from the Association. Kaien confronts the Head of the Association. Kaien flashbacks to a confrontation with Juri Kuran. Kaien kills the Head of the Association for his corruption, but is arrested by the rest of the Association. Sara Shirabuki finds a fallen Takuma and takes him to use against Kaname. Kaname interrupts the confrontation between Yuki and Zero.

46th NightEnemies

Kaname attacks Zero for threatening Yuki. Zero severes Kaname's hand, but Kaname forces the Bloody Rose down. Before either can attack again, Yuki jumps in between them and asks Kaname to let it go. Kaname leaves and Yuki talks to Zero. He hugs her and asks if the old Yuki is still within and she confirms it. Zero kisses her before hugging her again. He confirms she will be okay before telling her that he will kill her the next time they meet before walking away.

47th NightEach On His Path

Yuki is distraught over Zero and she decides to lock her feelings in her heart. Yagari confronts the Night Class over their actions and Kaname returns, admitting that he has murdered the entire Vampire Council. Aido confronts the Day Class girls who realizes what they are and they decide they don't want to forget. Yuki thanks Kaname for remembering his promise and Yagari threatens Kaname. Yuki and Kaname leave the Cross Academy, and they witness Zero taking his twin brother's body away.

48th NightThe Wishes of Unrequited Lovers

Akatsuki, Ruka and Aido return to their families following the closure of Cross Academy. Ruka worries for Kaname and Akatsuki notices she still has the same eyes as she did when they were children. Flashbacks of their meeting Kaname and seeing him after his parents death and finally of the night he bit Ruka. Akatsuki vows to follow his own path and Ruka wants to find Kaname so she can support him.

Extra Story – A Lady Talks About Her Love

Juri tells a young Yuki the story of why she likes the rain, a time before she and Haruka were married and she still didn't like him.

Extra Story – Cross's Child-Care Diary, Part One

Zero refuses to attend school until Kaien manipulates him into it by saying that Yuki will be a Guardian alone.

Extra Story – Cross's Child-Care Diary, Part Two

Ichiru comes to dinner and Kaien coos over their twinlike mystique, weirding out Ichiru.

Volume 11

49th NightTonight, with Tainted Arms I Hold You

Senri and Rima search for Takuma who is with Sara Shirabuki. She wants to know what Kaname's plans are, and she tortures Takuma upon his silence. Meanwhile, Kaname tells Yuki that he killed Shizuka Hio and the entire Vampire Council.Nevertheless, Yuki chooses to stay by him. They kiss and Kaname bites her. One year later, Zero is presumably looking for clues as he kills a vampire.

50th Night – My Beloved Is Now in a Deep, Dark Forest

Zero saves a human child and brings him safely to his grandmother. In doing so, he hunts down two other vampires. When he goes home, he shoots through a wall, narrowly missing the Chairman. For the past year, Zero has been attending the Day Class by day and hunting vampires by orders of the Association by night. He reveals that he has been taking in copious amounts of blood tablets ever since he started to be able to take them and that he thirsts terribly at night. He assuages this thirst by hunting vampires. Meanwhile, Yuki still refuses to use her fangs to draw blood. It seems that there will be a meeting between Kaname and the Association on peace. Zero will be presented as the future head of the Hunter's Association.

51st NightDilemma

Zero returns to the Academy. Yagari turns Cross Academy back over to Kaien. Yori approaches Zero to ask him not to hunt Yuki. Yuki contemplates her promise to run forever from Zero. Yuki flashes back to her past remembering asking Kaname what forever was. Yuki visualises her child self berating her for denying her vampire desires. Yuki recalls her desires for Kaname's blood yet starts to feel desperately hungry remembering Zero and how a part of her heart is still attached to him. Yuki smells Kaname's blood though he is not home. Yuki, followed by Aido, finds a mysterious door. Aido notices that Yuki bit herself. Aido asks Yuki why she is hungry if she's getting blood in a spoiled manner from Kaname and offers her blood tablets. Kaname arrives to stop Aido and dismisses him. Kaname reminds Yuki that a vampire's thirst can only be quenched by the blood of their loved one. Yuki admits her bloodlust cannot be quenched because she desires Zero's blood as well and asks if she can stay by his side anyway.

52nd NightA Mad Beast for Love

Kaname accepts Yuki's request and tries to kiss her, Yuki pulls away and runs. Kaname catches her and finds her upset because she is cruel and Kaname should let her go. Kaname says that it's true; she's cruel and is a terrible fiancee but he can never let her go as he would rather kill her or have her kill him than let her leave his side.He asks her if she could be the one to kill him. Yuki thinks he is joking. Kaname tells her how much she means to him and that her punishment will be to only take his blood to prey upon. Yuki bites his neck. Ruka and Kain observe an old castle and meet its protector. Flashback of Kaname as the ancestor. Yuki asks Kaname what is behind the door. Zero confronts the hunters at the Association, upset there is a ball the night after the meeting and is told he will be on guard. Sara and Takuma recieve an invite to the ball. Yuki practices being a lady and is happy for she has chosen her path.

53rd NightReunion

Zero learns his old 'brother-in-arms' Kaito is now teaching at Cross Academy. Kaien advises Zero that he will stand in the way of Yuki and him if he tries to hunt her down, right or wrong. Kaito meets Yori and invites her to sneak into the party when he learns her best friend is a vampire. Ruka prepares a relunctant Yuki for the party.She was going to give Yuki a manicure when she discovers that Kaname has already done to their puzzlement. The meeting between hunters and vampires goes relatively smoothly and they come to an amicable agreement, although Kaien expresses concern over the other Purebloods' acceptance of Kaname. Shiki and Rima run into Takuma. Kaname collects Yuki and reminds her to call him "Kaname". Kaito and Zero arrives at the party and Kaito reveals he has smuggled Yori in to Zero's great anger, revealing his intention to use her as bait. Kaname and Yuki arrive at the party and Yuki sees Zero.

Volume 12

54th NightEnemy of the Purebloods

Yuki bows to Zero and goes to deal with greeting the distinguished members of vampire society whom Kaname warns her not to trust. Yori is sent out to walk among the lions and is scooped up by Sara. Kaname learns the other Pureblood has gone missing at the party. Zero intervenes with Sara. Yuki intervenes with Zero, touching his arm and asks him to release Sara. Zero tells Yuki not to touch him and takes Yori away. Zero reveals to Yori he smells fresh blood on Sara. Yuki takes a moment to go behind doors to feel bad over the many risks Yori took just to see her and recalls touching Zero, holding the hand that touched him to her chest.

55th NightThe Beginning of the Beginning

Kaname sends Yuki to visit with Yori while he confronts Sara. Senri and Rima talk with Takuma and try to convince him to come and see Kaname. Yuki has a jubilant reunion with Yori that Zero declines to join. The hunters find the body of a hunter who was bitten and Yuki stumbles accross the scene when she smells blood. Kain and Ruka find the body of a vampire. Yuki declares she will investigate.

56th NightQueen

Sara Shirabuki reveals to Takuma that she killed her fiance, Ouri, and it is her plan to become Queen of the Vampires. Ouri's death is declared as suicide, but Yuki is not convinced. Yuki intends to learn more about the vampire world. Senri and Rima visits the Kuran mansion but refuses to stay for long. Kaname is upset after finding out that Yuki invited Rima and Shiki inside, so he tries teaching her from now on. Yuki knows that Kaname is hiding something from her and the Hunters are discontent.

57th NightTwo Weapons

Kaname awakens Yuki before leaving and leaves her a gift. Yuki finds Artemis and decides she has to go on a mission. Yuki gets delayed by Kaname's wolf and bats and Aido follows her. Yuki travels to town by train. Kaito and Zero discuss the Purebloods and Zero's control over his hunger. Yuki visits a new Pureblood - Isaya Shoto. Yuki reveals her offer to end the lives of Purebloods who no longer wish to live.

58th NightSacrifice

Yuki tells Isaya she cannot do nothing and they leave. Kaien reveals himself to be friends with Isaya. Sara and Takuma visits a girls school. Sara finds a schoolgirl who consents to becoming a vampire. Kaito and Zero are tracking Sara, and Zero runs off to confront Sara. Sara coolly tells Zero that she followed the rules and that he smells like a Pureblood, angering Zero. Kaname sits alone in the tomb room when Rido appears and mocks his despair.

Extra Story – A Load of Nonsense from a Certain Photo Lover

Volume 13

59th NightGrave Marker

Kaito tells Zero to take a few days off and visit Ichiru's grave. Yuki greets Kaname's wolf and decides to stop at the cemetery so Yuki can visit Momoyama's grave. Zero places flowers on his parents grave and laments on Ichiru's grave over losing what it feels to be human. Ichiru's apparition appears and talks to Zero. Yuki stop not to enter the cemetery and is wounded in an attack by another Pureblood, Toma, and Zero appears.

60th NightA Scent That Recalls Memories

Rido taunts Kaname with his contradicting desires in concerning Yuki. Yuki gets up from the attack, Toma tries to attack again, but is deflected by Zero. Yuki collapses and Zero picks her up and takes her to a Vampire Hunter safehouse with Aido. Yuki awakens in a half daze, while still being carried by, she recognises the scent and finds herself on the verge of biting Zero. Yuki leaves the house abruptly, she finds Kaname and asks him to take her home.

61st NightBehind the Door

Kaname uses his shadow to punish Toma for attacking Yuki. Yuki is upset that Kaname is still in despair. Kaname drinks from Yuki and confesses his true fears of her sacrificing her life in exchange for a goal and wants her to learn that she cannot change things. Kaname confesses that he is not her brother, but Yuki fails to understand. Kaname carries Yuki to the room with the coffin and lays her upon it.He lets her drink his blood and the memory of his awakening by Rido is shown to her.

62nd NightDistant Memories

Rido takes Kaname from Haruka and Juri with guile and awakens the Ancestor. Yuki asks to see Kaname's ancestor past and continues to drink his blood. Yuki breaks through Kaname's memories with difficulty. Kaname's memories begin over 10,000 years ago as a lone vampire. Kaname lived with human villagers, who forced him to leave after realizing his true nature. Kaname rejoins the Pureblood vampires.

63rd NightHunters and Progenitors

Zero arrests Aido and takes him to the Hunter's Association for questioning. Yuki is still experiencing Kaname's memories as Kaname. Kaname and his companion form a plan to deal with those founder vampires that are creating an army with them, planning to turn the entire human race into vampires. Kaname's companion tells him to deal with the vampire slaves and leaves him behind. Zero recalls the sacrifice of the vampire ancestress, Kaname's companion, who insisted that the humans drink her blood and tearing out her heart and throwing it into the furnace of molten metal before dying.

59th Night – Night Extension

Before Zero's arrival at the cemetery gate, he feels the presence of a vampire he knows well (Yuki), he is driven to find out why she is there and walks in Yuki's direction when her scent of blood calls forth a wealth of emotions, a wave of dizziness overcomes Zero as he arrives at the gate with the smell of her blood that fills the air.

Extra story – The Story of a Certain Infamous Vampire Hunter

Zero patiently waits for a chance to hunt vampires. Yagari brings him his chance, but when they arrive on the scene they find that the disturbance is merely crowd control for a popular vampire singer's fans' antics. Disappointed, Zero goes on his way, but not before the vampire singer reminds him of his bad reputation.

Extra story – Kaname and the Collar

A short story of Kaname daydreaming about Yuki picking out a collar for Kaname's wolf shadow.

Volume 14

64th NightProposition at the End of a Thousand Nights

Still in the past, Kaname experiments on how his kind can be killed and discovers a weapon can be created from their own flesh. Kaname arrives to find his companion has died, the hunters inform him what happens. Yuki witnesses his grief. Kaname regrets he did not sacrifice himself and he charges the newly created hunters to hunt down the founders and declares they will seek bloodshed like vampires. Kaito meets up with Zero, telling him off from coming to work, but likes the idea of questioning Aido. Yuki talks to Kaname about his companion and Artemis. Yuki then awakens from the memories with a rose on her chest.

65th NightThe Unscrupulous Princess

Sara is turning the girls of the school into her harem to Takuma's displeasure. Kaien and Yagari join Kaito and Zero in interrogating Hanabusa Aido. Yuki searches for Kaname thinking he has disappeared, after their discussion, Yuki tells him she will finally call him just "Kaname". Kaname tells Lord Aido he will save Hanabusa and find out what Sara is up to. Takuma discovers Sara has been turning humans against their will in a plan to create an army totally loyal to her.

66th NightStarting Over Again

Aido is still locked up by the hunters. Yuki talks to Lord Aido about troubling matters and despairs over becoming Kaname's equal and is troubled by Kaname still keeping secrets. Kaname gets ready to see the Hanadagi family with Ruka and Kain. Kaname asks Yuki to be honest about how she sees him, Yuki acknowledges some harsh truths and asks if they can start over. Lord Aido goes after Sara.

67th NightThe Blade That Severs All

Yuki begs Kaname not to leave, but he declines. Lord Aido follows Sara to Hanadagi's mansion and watches as she attacks and pulls out Hanadagi's heart, but he rips off her arm and she flees. Kaname steps in and kills Hanadagi before he can take Lord Aido's blood. Yuki chases after Kaname, she hijacks Kaien and Aido's paddywagon and they head to Hanadagi's mansion, they arrive in time to see Kaname kill Lord Aido. Kaname apologizes and disappears.

68th NightWhy?

Kaien chases after Kaname as Aido grieves over his father and Yuki freezes. Yuki chases after Kaname as well, trying to find him in order to find out why he has done this since he promised to start things over with her. Yuki panics and develops a new power to try and flee after Kaname, she is stopped by Kaien. Kaien arrests Yuki as Kaname's fiancée and Kaname is labeled as a dangerous vampire.

Volume 15

69th NightI am Yuki Kuran

Yuki enters the Hunter's Association. She and Zero pass each other without saying anything. Kaien questions Yuki and confirms she knows nothing. Zero pursues a vampire who has kidnapped a child. Yuki requests that the hunters do not interfere when she goes to question Kaname. She tells Aido that she will take responsibility to get the answers out of Kaname. Yuki frees the catatonic child by absorbing his memories and she has visions of Zero saving the child. She goes to Kaien and requests to pursue the vampire that escaped from Zero.

70th NightCooperators

Yuki captures the vampire who kidnapped the child. She returns and starts to contact all the Night Class students in an effort to reunite them including Senri, Rima and Maria. Zero questions why Yuki is freely running about. Zero checks on Aido and advises him to go talk to Kaien. Yuki visits the Nobles and asks for their cooperation in re-establishing the Night Class to protect the agreement of vampires and humans coexisting peacefully with her. Aido rejoins Yuki's side.

71st NightThe New Night Class

Yuki and the Nobles are back at Cross Academy and Yuki warns them not to harm the Day Class students. Yuki talks to Zero about their opposing views and Yuki worries Zero's bloodlust signals his falling to level E. Yori tries to visit Yuki. Another Pureblood is attacked by Kaname. Hanabusa broods as Yuki attends classes and Yuki has asked for more time to gather more students. Yuki overhears Zero and Kaito talking about trouble and she gathers volunteers from the Night Class to hunt down the troublemakers.

72nd NightThe Taste of Tablets

Yuki catches a vampire, but he is killed by Zero much to Yuki's dismay. Zero tries to provoke Yuki while Maria overhears. Kaname watches a volcano erupt lava which concerns Ruka and Akatsuki. Akatsuki warns Kaname that he will kill him if he does not send Ruka to safety before she is in danger. Sara accuses Kaname of murdering Ouri and asks for Yuki's protection. Yuki worries about Kaname's actions if they are true. She takes her first blood tablets and remarks about the distaste. Maria tells Yuki that she is going to take Zero from her.

73rd NightMy Relationship with Zero

Yuki is troubled by her growing hunger. Maria faints while talking to Zero and he carries her back to her room, as Yuki spies them and she remembers her promise to only drink Kaname's blood. Yuki tells Zero she wants to talk to him like before and Zero thinks her behaviour strange. Zero says she needs blood and drags her out to the woods to drink his blood.

Volume 16

74th NightThe Purebloods' Motive

Yuki bites Zero with the declaration that she is only doing it to gain enough control to do her duties. Hanabusa asks Senri and Rima to help him snoop around. Yuki does her best to act normal around Zero. Zero tells Kaien he doesn't intend to stop Kaname if he's taking down all the Purebloods. Yuki loses the class president election to Sara, but gets allocated the duties. Kaien confronts Kaname outside Isaya's house.

75th NightPuppet

The hunters tell Zero and Yuki they plan to go against Kaien and allow Kaname the freedom to kill all the Purebloods. Kaien and Kaname fight while Kaien looks for answers to Kaname's actions. Aido searches for Kaname and finds Akatsuki, who leaves him with a bottle of the new tablets and an unconscious vampire woman to take to the Hunter's Association. Kaien launches a lethal slash on Kaname and ends up injuring the disguised Toma. Though Kaito assures Yuki that she will live, Yuki suspects the hunters will eventually do away with her.

76th NightUnderground Tablets

The Hunters plan to use Yuki if Zero and Yuki's relationship improves. Kaien brings Toma back to the Hunters' Association for protection and Yagari punches him for it. Yuki's allies start investigating the blood tablets, but Senri has also been eating the tablets. Zero passes on Kaname's message and Yuki acknowledges she is Kaname's chess piece. Kaname has a nightmare involving Rido and Yuki. Yuki confronts Sara over the danger of the new blood tablets.

77th NightYuki and Sara

A flashback during the first time that Kaname found out about the birth of twin hunters. Yuki invokes her authority as Dorm President and confining Sara to her room. Zero and Yuki stop an attack by two Night Class students on Sayori and Kageyama. Yuki begins confiscating the blood tablets from the Night Class students. Sara tells Zero about Kaname's secret under the pretense she wasn't able to tell Yuki.

78th NightPollution

Yuki and her allies begin confiscating Sara's blood tablets as the Night Class Students are influenced violently by them.Kaien talks to Zero about Toma, the blood tablets and Kaname. Hanadagi's bodyguard escapes Sara's clutches and tells Yuki that it was Sara who attacked Hanadagi. Zero warns Yuki that he will not allow her to kill Sara. Kaname finally appears before Yuki and Zero.

Volume 17

79th NightRift

Yuki tries to go to Kaname and Zero reveals that Kaname was the one who freed Shizuka. Maria and Hanabusa confront Ruka and Akatsuki. Kageyama, Sayori, and the Day Class Dorm President investigates the weird events at the Night Class Dormitory. Kaname confronts Sara. Zero comforts Yuki as she cries in sympathy and thinks about how she is the source of everything.

80th NightA Confession of Love

Ruka recalls learning about Kaname's plan. When Kageyama encounters Akatsuki and Ruka, his memory spell is broken.Takuma reflects on Sara's words and believes them to be twisted words of a love confession and realizes that he can't help being drawn to Purebloods. Kaname draws his sword against Takuma before fleeing when the others arrive. Yuki faces Kaname with her Artemis scythe. Zero agrees to protect Sara and takes her to the Hunter's Association.

81st NightThose Wielding Her Weapons

A fight ensures between Yuki and Kaname, but the clash is interrupted by Ruka who uses her illusions on Yuki. However, Yuki manages to see through the illusions despite fainting soon afterwards. Meanwhile, Zero confronts Sara and ends up drinking her blood in front of the other Vampire Hunters of the Association. Takuma goes to help Sara but encounters his friends, Rima and Senri, instead. With Yuki unconscious, Kaname leaves to find Sara.

82nd NightBreak-In

Kaname finally enters the Vampire Hunters' Association and looks for The Hooded Woman's heart. The other Hunters are torn between fighting and killing Kaname, or simply staying out of his way. However, Zero is able to come up with his own conclusion and goes to fight Kaname with his Bloody Rose. After a heated battle between the two vampires, they end up plummeting from a window in the room and fall under Yuki, Ruka, and Akatsuki, who all encountered each other during the clash. When Kaname tries to attack Zero, Ruka gets in the way and protects him from the powerful Pureblood.

83rd NightBond

Ruka manages to protect Zero but is greviously injured. A furious Akatsuki attacks Kaname with a fireball, saying that unlike Ruka, he won't forgive the Pureblood as easily. Ruka begs for him to stop but is told by Kaname that her relationship with him is no more. Several of the Vampire Hunters attempt to capture Kaname but he escapes. Yuki offers Ruka her blood to assist with the healing, but the blood is instead taken by Kain and fed to Ruka by mouth. Yuki and Zero follow Kaname and along the way. she thinks about Kaname and Zero. She makes her decision by cutting her hair short again with her Artemis Scythe, reverting it back to when she was human. She engages in another fight while thinking of Zero.

Volume 18

84th NightThe King of Hubris, The Queen of Vanity

Aido remains at the Academy with a group of Night Class students that were recently relieved of Sara's dark blood-tablets thanks to Yuki's "pure" blood which revived their senses. He wishes to create a new foundation of tablets that can negate Sara's, otherwise as Aido states the Vampire and Human Societies would collapse with the fixation of Sara's tablets. Meanwhile, Yuki's familar is revealed to be a butterfly and she continues to fight alongside Zero against Kaname. Kaien worries the underground furnace will go out and Yuki questions Kaname whether it was really the Ancestress's intention for all Purebloods to die adding it's not right for Purebloods like Kaname to be arrogant and that neither her or the Ancestress wanted things to end up in chaos. Sara manipulates Zero into killing Kaname who is the one who warrants his revenge. Zero refuses and says the only reason he took Sara's blood was to entrap Kaname with Bloody Rose's vines. The Parent metal crawls out of the furnace and Rima pleads with Senri not to go after Takuma but Senri intends to lend a helping hand to Ichijo and says dark places aren't suited for a guy like him. Takuma wants neither Kaname or Sara to die, holding Zero within his grip and invokes Yuki and Kaname to drop their weapons. Takuma admits he's jealous of Zero, whom he says is always needed whether by Yuki, Kaname or Sara. Sara attempts to strike Kaname with an iron cross but is pierced by the "mother metal".

85th NightI Will Succeed You

The "mother metal" absorbs the hunter's weapons and the Association begins to collapse. Yagari says the "mother metal" is going on a rampage desiring power from her "children", the weapons. The spirit of the Ancestress appears and says if she doesn't take back her fragments, she'll start to cool down. As the Ancestress' spirit tries snabbing Artemis from Yuki's grip, Zero comes to Yuki's defense and rescues her before rocks plummeting from the ground by the Ancestress could attack her. Zero holds onto Yuki and realizes the "mother metal's" targets are the weapons and the Purebloods. The Ancestress manages to absorb all the hunters' weapons except for Artemis, Bloody Rose, and Kaname's sword which all three keep a tight grip upon. Yuki watches as the Ancestress surrounds Kaname conveying that she can't die until all Purebloods that bring others into darkness are destroyed, and that is the meaning of her existence. Kaname tells the Ancestress she's done enough for over 10,000 years and tells her to rest in peace. He pledges to succeed the Ancestress, and with a mournful gaze at him, the Ancestress' spirit is released. Takuma transports Sara to the top of the Academy's roof for safety. As they gaze at the Association crumbling, Sara tells Takuma to bear witness the destructive nature of the Purebloods, the end of the Ancestress who turned into a monster, and Kaname's foolishness from adverting his eyes from redemption (Yujki) again and again. Kaname leaves Yuki and his bats take off leaving Yuki behind on the floor. Sara asks Takuma if he will observe the tainted actions Kaname will continue to take, and reveals that his feelings for her were manipulated. Their love was never a real love between the two of them, a tragic love, and with one kiss upon Takuma, Sara dies into a heap of crystals. Takuma grasps a piece of Sara's crystal fragments and glares at Kaname, vowing to see the darkness with his own eyes. The Association is completely in ruin, and Zero gazes down at Yuki who hasn't moved since realizing Kaname has left her to fulfill the Ancestress' will. Zero extends a hand and Yuki takes it, stating they'll give chase and that she doesn't want to see another vampire go on a rampage again.

86th NightPursuer

Yuki leaves Yori behind in her room stating she won't erase her memories because she wishes Yori to remember Yuki as she is. Yuki leaves the Academy, now dressed in a style similar to the Day Class uniform but with her own flair. Zero is shown waiting by the gate for the journey. A flashback shown displays the hunters still at the collapsed Hunter's Association, where Yagari is shown shielding Seiren from the rock pummels. Most of the hunters' weapons have been devoured by the "mother metal", except for a fair few including Artemis, Bloody Rose, Kaname's sword, and Kaien's sword. Yuki speaks with the Night Class and they vow to assist her in any way they can, and that it's not sensible to go against the hunters since they're on different sides. They now have a common enemy - Kaname Kuran. Yuki tells Aido to go forth with producing blood tablets of Yuki's blood, and asks her to question Kaname why his father had to die. The flashback ends, and Kaito ends up in a mini fight with Zero, saying he shouldn't go with a Pureblood and that he wasn't ordered to. However, Zero replies it doesn't matter if it's disloyal or running away, but he still wants to go and find the answers to unresolved questions. A short flashback of Ichiru is shown with him stating to "Live on, and fulfill your goal." Zero is now following his heart, just as his brother wished, so Kaito lets them go, and says to himself if Zero can face and endure the pain of losing his brother by a Pureblood, then prove that he can overcome it. Kaien and Yagari overwatch them leave and Kaien smiles saying Zero has found a ray of light (Yuki) to follow, and says no matter how dim the sunlight,Yagari could grasp it as well. Yuki and Zero meanwhile hitch on the back of a carriage to the Kuran Mansion. Yuki unlocks the front door with the key Kaname gave her and Yuki admits how she wants to check out other places that Kaname owns. Zero understands that although Yuki is the fiancée of Kaname, the man who set his family up, Yuki is also the one who saved him with her own hands when they first met. He questions whether the night they met was a set up as well, whether it may have also been planned and manipulated by Kaname. However, Zero says he'll accompany Yuki and see the answers with his own eyes.

87th NightMasquerade Night

Yuki and Zero leave the Kuran Mansion, with Yuki telling Zero it's ok if she had to hurry, since the Mansion where she grew up had bad memories as well as good, and that's it's best to leave it at that. They take a high-speed train to Isaya's house where Yuki wants to ask Isaya, an old friend of her parents' for help. While on the train, although Yuki keeps her need for blood hidden from Zero, she doesn't understand how he's been able to satiate himself over the past year. He reveals he fed on the blood of those contaminated by madness. Yuki tried to get Zero to drink her blood, but he stopped her and said it's none of her business. As he says this, Zero looks shocked at himself for revealing that information, and the two sit back on the seats drifting to sleep. Yuki thinks that they act as though their hearts hide behind a mask, and once the mask is off, it's as if nothing happened between them. Once off the train, Isaya's servant comes to them and offers them an invitation to a masquerade. The masquerade set up by Isaya is also a trap to lure Kaname in; a few Night Class students are seen, and everyone wears a mask to hide their identity. After Yuki shares a dance with Isaya, Zero offers his hand to dance and Yuki takes his hand, and they dance with grace. Yuki and Zero tell each other they seem like the person they used to talk to in the past, although Yuki and Zero's faces inch closer to one another. Yuki has flashbacks of her and Zero of all the good memories, such as the night they met, how Yuki cared for Zero, and them holding hands. Yuki wonders why things ended up this way, where she realizes she's always cherished Zero, and that her feelings for him are real. While Yuki and Zero kiss, Kaname shows up in a mask and hood of his own (some say he's dressed similar to the Ancestress), and Yuki takes off her mask. 

88th NightA Seventeen-Year-Old's Resolution

Yuki and Zero notice Kaname standing before them; and before they can reach him, Kaname vanishes within the masquerade. As they chase him, a flashback of the kiss Yuki and Zero shared is displayed. Meanwhile, Kaname visits Isaya, who planned the masquerade just so he could talk with Kaname alone. Isaya knows he would end up a target anyway and can't remain a spectator any longer, and sees that Kaname came to request him of assistance. Kaname reveals he will become the new "parent metal". As Yuki and Zero reach the doors which Kaname lies beyond, Rima and Senri barricade the doorway. Isaya is more than obliged to turn Yuki human, and say farewell to his cursed body that refuses to die. Kaname and his companions, including Takuma,fled into the night. Later, as Zero finishes getting dressed, Yuki discusses how she never knew Zero could dance, and remembers a time in which he turned down a girl that asked him to dance. Yuki then asks what would it be like if they met as humans? and wonders if Zero, her senpai, who wouldn't have to stay back a year, if she would dare to openly admit how handsome he was, and that Zero still wouldn't have gotten along with her brother Kaname. The day before the dance party, Zero-senpai would come in covered in blood after a fight with her scolding him fighting isn't good. Then Yuki would bandage his wounds, and wondered if anything else would have happened, if anything at all. Yuki wonders what the human 17 year old Yuki would've done. Zero says she's an idiot, and says they never would've crossed paths if they were human, an impossible fantasy. Just as they are about to leave. Yuki pushes Zero to a wall and starts to touch him, repeating his name several times, and hugs him, then she bites his neck. Zero feels something disappearing and stops her, asking her what's she doing. Yuki uses her braclet to pin down Zero to erase the memories of his relationships with her so that his thirst would be sated. Zero gets angry and begs her to stop, that he wouldn't let her, but Yuki tells him it's neccessary if she doesn't do it, she won't be able to stop Kaname, and she can only do that by turning Kaname into a human.

Volume 19

89th Night – A Night After Thousands of Nights

Yuki erases Zero's memories of her despite him pleading to stop and to not take his memories of her away from him. Yuki cries and says that from now on, his thirst will be subsided. A week passes and when Yuki comes to check if Zero's okay, he points a gun at her and tells her to get out, there isn't a reason for an unknown vampire to worry about him. Yuki tells him he won't be ever able to push the trigger and leave . Cross Academy is now being the Hunter's Association headquarters. Kaname however plans to throw his heart in the furnace to become the new parent. However, he is stopped by Yuki and Kaien says to leave and take Yuki. When they arrive at the mansion Yuki says Kaname plans to runaway and holds him tightly, he replies that he won't. He tells her he should've entrusted her to Kiryu sooner and that his feelings for her weren't a part of his plan, Yuki tells him he should've erased her memories of Zero instead of killing Purebloods. Kaname tells her, "If you don't know where your heart belongs-then I'll show you, Yuki. If you're okay with someone like me." Kaname takes Yuki to their room and they make love. Toma speaks with Hanadagi's wife and calls Kaname a "traitor" for becoming the humans' savior. The Purebloods collaborate to eliminate Kaname. Zero is assigned to survey the Kuran mansion.

90th Night – Falling with You

Kaname was seen by Yuki as always willing to help the humans because he loved them so much. He was waiting to end his life after his heart grew withered. He felt useful by being needed. Rima and Senri stay together to help Takuma fight with Kaname against the Pureblood alliance who want to stop Kaname from becoming the parent. Kaname tries jogging Zero's memory by biting Yuki who doesn't want Zero to hurt any further from their problems. Kaito wants Zero to retrieve his memories and prove he was right to let go of his hatred.

91st Night – Birds Who Have Forgotten Joyous Songs

Kaname stops Yuki from turning him human. Zero talks to Kaname who's put in the dungeon and can tell he's stopped "living" and doesn't understand how he can accept this fate. Isaya grabs Yuki to fulfill his promise to turn her human. Yuki is relunctant and says it should be her decision to make; Kaname bids her farewell saying she's more adapted for the light. Before Isaya could turn Yuki, Zero rescues her and remembers her as the girl who he wants to protect and who refused his protection.

92nd NightA True Knight

Zero bites Yuki in order to regain all his memories. Then, he hugs her, repeating Ichiru's words, and says that he was afraid to face his true feelings, but that he won't back down from 'excuses' anymore. With Kaname fighting alongside him, they protect the Academy. Zero doesn't want to make Yuki sad if Kaname were to die. Ruka, Kain, Senri, Rima and Takuma protect the Academy with the hunters as the Purebloods launch an assault. Yuki, dressed in the Day Class uniform, runs to the Academy with Aido to protect Kaname and the Academy. Kaname heads to the furnace. He refers to Yuki as the flame of life who gave him the joy of being needed again. He prepares to rip out his heart in order to throw it into the furnace, while Yuki is crying his name, begging him to stop.

93rd NightThe Final Night: Vampire Knight

Kaname drops his heart into the furnace. When Yuki sees this, she jumps towards Kaname to try and feel his pulse; but Kaname tells her that his heart is melting inside. Yuki tries to remove his heart from the flames of the furnace. Kaname hugs and stops her, saying that his core of life has shifted to within the furnace itself. Zero, who chased after Yuki, stands in shock at what Kaname had done. Yuki blames herself for all that has happened, wishing that she wasn't born and blaming herself for making Kaname how he is. But Kaname tells her that it was her who gave him feelings to protect someone, that she was a ray of light which showed him the way. He then talks about his choices, and about how he doesn't regret them, but also that he should atone for his sins. Yuki cries, thinking about how she can't imagine a world where she can't hear his voice; but Kaname says that he has received enough happiness from her, and that she shouldn't have to regret. While watching this scene, Zero ponders whether or not he should be thanking Kaname due to Bloody Rose almost dying, but he then tells Kaname that he would not forgive him for the grief and sorrow caused to Yuki. Kaname accepts Zero's thoughts, then brings Zero and Yuki together in a warm embrace, saying that he has seen them shine so radiantly and that he has come to understand that they both should be together. With this understanding coming to light, Kaname shuts his eyes for the last time and passes, leaving Yuki in tears. Afterwards, Yuki runs back to the Academy, fighting to protect it. Aido locks Kaname's body into an ice coffin as to preserve and protect him from danger. Later on, Zero confesses to Yuki to stay with him, saying that he won't run away anymore. A long amount of time passes, and Aido finds a book written by Kaname, containing an incomplete method of turning vampires back into humans. Later, even after months and years, the Academy is still accepting vampire students to study in the Night Class. Sayori, has became old, tells her stories to her grandchildren about her best friend, Yuki. The era changes and another thousand years have passed. Yuki is seen near Zero's grave, clutching the now broken Bloody Rose and is planning on bringing it to Zero's parent's home. She then reflects on the past, saying how even though they quarreled many times, he still gave her happiness. Yuki is then seen with her two children. The daughter being Kaname's which is clarified in chapter 93 and a son which belongs to Zero. Yuki revives Kaname by offering her own life and turning him into human, and passes as her mother did before when she turned Yuki into a human. Kaname wakes up as a human and sees the beautiful shining ray of light, and the children give him the message left by their mother to their other father. "I want to give to you, whom I love, the world that I saw when I was a human." The chapter ends with Kaname, now a human, holding a butterfly on his finger, admiring the newfound light. 

Vampire Knight Memories

Volume 1

Extra 1Life

Sometime after Kaname's sacrifice, Sayori reflects back on the occurrences that happened after the final battle at Cross Academy and how everyone lived their lives from then on.

Extra 2I Love You

After Kaname's sacrifice, Aido has been researching how to make vampires into humans through the old books.

Extra 3 Love's Desire

After a meeting with the aristocrats, Yuki is able to gain a quick break with Zero. Little does she know, Ruka is on a mission to make sure Yuki and Zero can have some alone time.

Extra 4Between Death and Heaven

Split into 3 stories. Yuki holds Zero within his last moments; Ai tells Ren about her thoughts about Kaname, after finally being able to meet him; and Seiren recalls the first time encountered Kaname.

Volume 2

Chapter 1 – Time of Your Trace Warmth

Chapter 2 – Of Darkness and the Stars Suspended There

Chapter 3A Box That Must Not Expose the Depth of One's Soul

Chapter 4Ai and First Love

Chapter 5 – You Are My North Star

Volume 3

Chapter 6 - Bond

Chapter 7 - Memories of Those Who Have Gone

Chapter 8 - Wedge

Chapter 9 - Till Dust Do Us Part

Extra Story - A Vampire Who Claims That Friendship Is the Source of Life

Volume 4

Chapter 10 - Dark Shadows of the Underground

Chapter 11 - Captured Zero

Chapter 12 - One Step After a Hundred Years

Chapter 13 - The Hope inside a Photo Album

Chapter 14 - Hello and Goodbye

Volume 5

Chapter 15 -

Chapter 16 -

Chapter 17 -

Chapter 18 -

Chapter 19 -


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Vampires Covered In Blood Are Prohibited From Entering This Page!! ♦ v1: Night Class Side ♦ v2: Sometimes There Are Lazy Days Too ♦ v2: I Must've Been Born Under the "Victim of Circumstances" Star... ♦ v3: The Warmth That Slipped from Her Palm. And... ♦ v4: It's Too Frightening to Ask, "Why Only Me...?"

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♦ v3: A Vampire Who Claims That Friendship Is the Source of LifeWhat is to Come ♦ v4: The End of a Certain Lady


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