Two Souls (二人の命, Futari no Inochi) is the 24th episode of the Vampire Knight anime series.



Zero continues to suffer pain from the blood he drank from the Kurans, constantly thinking of Yuki; however, he tries dismissing his feelings for her by remembering she said the human Yuki was devoured by her vampire side. Kaname arrives, telling Zero that he is the "knight" he has been raising for so many years to kill Rido. Zero is the stronger fragment of the hunter twins, and has the blood of three purebloods within him: Yuki, Kaname, and Shizuka (received through Kaname's blood). As Kaname cannot kill Rido, he knows Zero will "Never betray Yuki", since Rido will come after Yuki again and again, until someone dies. Ichiru appears next, wounding Zero with the Bloody Rose. Many flashbacks are shown, of Ichiru and Zero as loving twins, and also of Shizuka killing their parents. Ichiru, injured earlier by attempting to kill Rido, begs Zero to drink his blood so that they can "become one". After a long consideration, Zero drains Ichiru of his life's blood and staggers out of the cell he is in.

At the same time, Yuki readies to face Rido to protect those she cares for, only to be too scared to draw the anti-vampire pistol when surrounded by Level Es; the Night Class rescues her and berate her for not hiding. However, they instead decide to help her. Also, Shiki and Rima finally wake up.




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