This page provides episode summaries for the anime Vampire Knight (season 1) and Vampire Knight: Guilty (Season 2).

Vampire Knight - Season 1

Screenshot # Title First aired
Blood Covered Kaname #1 Night of Vampires April 7, 2008
The prestigious private school, Cross Academy, consists of a Day Class of human students and a Night Class of vampires. The peace is kept by the Disciplinary Committee, Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu. Yuki's earliest memories are of being attacked by a vampire and saved by another vampire, Kaname Kuran, who is now dorm president of the Night Class.
Vampire Knight - Episode 2 -4 #2 Memories of Blood April 14, 2008
Tomorrow is the annual St. Xocolatl's Day when it is customary for girls to give chocolates to boys, which means extra work for Cross Academy's Disciplinary Committee. Yuki still finds time to make chocolates for Kaname. Meanwhile, Zero struggles with the blood tablets.
Yuki and Zero #3 The Fang of Penitence April 21, 2008
As a duty of the Disciplinary Committee, Yuki and Zero must conduct a surprise inspection of the students' belongings at both the Sun and the Moon Dormitories. Just as they are about to enter the Moon Dormitory, Zero suddenly leaves the school grounds. Yuki goes after him in a panic but can't find him. As she roams the streets by herself, Yuki is haunted by her memories from ten years ago, when suddenly a mysterious mother and child appear before her...
41CSCZRPTnL. SX500 #4 Trigger of Condemnation April 28, 2008
Seeing the state Yuki is in, Kaname takes her from Zero, who is left speechless when he realizes what he has done. Yuki cries in frustration, unaware of Zero's secret, even though they've known each other for a long time. Later, she overhears the conversation between the Headmaster and Kaname at the Headmaster's office. "In order to protect Zero..." After much consideration, Yuki heads to the Moon Dormitory to ask a certain favor of Kaname...
Zero's Mark #5 Moonlight Festivities May 5, 2008
A new ethics teacher, Toga Yagari, arrives at Cross Academy. His looks, which are atypical for a teacher, are all the buzz among the Day Class students, and even Zero seems to have lost his usual composure. Upon hearing a question directed to Yagari from one of the students, Zero suddenly leaves the classroom. Yuki hurries after him to ask about his relationship with Yagari, but Zero refuses to answer...
Zero drinking Yuki's Blood #6 Their Choices May 12, 2008
Zero tried to sink his fangs into Yuki, but he was able to get hold of himself just before he succumbed to his urge. However, there is someone who is trying to kill him: the new teacher Yagari...[1]
Zero after he was bitten #7 The Scarlet Maze May 19,2008
Yuki makes a secret decision regarding Zero, who is now determined to fight his affliction until the very end. Yuki feels guilty for betraying Kaname and keeping a secret from him...[1]
Kaname slapping Hanabusa #08 Gunshot of Sorrow May 26,2008
There is a rare commotion in the Moon Dormitory when the Night Class gets word that Takuma's grandfather will be visiting. Takuma's grandfather, nicknamed Ichio, is an important figure in the vampire world and is feared by many...[1]
Vampire Knight - Episode 9 -2 #09 Crimson Gaze June 2,2008
Yuki and Zero are busy dealing with the Day Class students who are chasing after the Night Class students more fervently than ever due to the upcoming dance...[1]
Princess of Darkness #10 The Princess of Darkness June 9,2008
To prepare for the upcoming exam, Zero tutors Yuki, but all the while, she notices something wrong with him. Meanwhile, at the Moon Dormitory, Kaname confronts Maria in his room...[1]
Shizuka Sealed #11 Consequence of Desire June 16,2008
Maria's masked servant is none other than Zero's twin brother, Ichiru, whom Zero has not seen since their separation long ago...[1]
37 #12 Vow of the Pureblood June 23,2008
Yuki learns that Maria's true identity is Shizuka, the pureblood vampire who bit Zero and turned him into a vampire. With this information, Yuki accepts a deal from Shizuka and offers her blood in order to save Zero...[1]
52 #13 Crimson Chains June 30,2008
After suffering a mortal wound, Shizuka quietly dies in Ichiru's arms. Meanwhile, Yuki and Zero try to find where Shizuka may have gone, but Zero is constantly thwarted by his Level E seizures...[1]

Vampire Knight: Guilty - Season 2

Screenshot # Title First aired
Guilty1 52 #14 Burden of Sinners Oct 6, 2008
After Shizuka Hio's death, peace is restored at the academy. As usual, Yuki is busy with her duties as Guardian when Zero, who has been gone for quite some time, comes back.[2]
#15 The Eternal Promise October 14, 2008
Yuki has a lot on her mind after almost being kissed by Zero. She asserts that she will not speak to Kaname until he admits to Zero's innocence. While walking around town with Sayori, she comes across a lost little boy.[2]
#16 The Azure Portrait October 21,2008
The Night Class goes to the Aido family's vacation home during the long break, but Hanabusa decides to stay at the academy because he suspects Kaname had something to do with Shizuka's death.[2]
15 #17 Devil's Awakening October 28,2008
While the Night Class is at the Aido family's vacation home, Yuki, driven by her desire to stop hurting Zero, tries to regain her memory of the past and becomes haunted by even more powerful visions.[2]
Ep18 #18 The Subordinate's Trap November 4, 2008
Yuki is continually haunted by visions of blood. Nevertheless, she is determined to find out about her past from Kaname, but he repeatedly evades her question. Zero sees Yuki looking troubled and goes to the Moon Dormitory by himself.[2]
Ep19 #19 The Fake Lovers November 11, 2008
Kaname asks Yuki to be his lover. The Night Class guards begin accompanying her everywhere, and Yuki cannot hide her embarrassment. Why does Kaname go to such great lengths to protect Yuki?[2]
Ep20 #20 The Kiss of Thorns November 18, 2008
Senri returns to the Academy, but upon having a confidential talk with Ichiru, he becomes noticeably different from before. The insolent Senri goes to see Ruka who has been locked up in her room since she got word of Kaname's new girlfriend.[2]
18 #21 Spiraling Recollections November 25, 2008
Yuki wakes up a vampire, and her memory of her childhood returns. She now remembers her father, her mother, and her brother. Despite her mixed emotions, Yuki cannot suppress her vampire instincts.[2]
Ep22 #22 Revival of the Mad Emperor December 2, 2008
Yuki now understands who she really is. Worried about Zero, she sneaks out of her room to find him. Zero cannot accept Yuki's new self, and he points the Bloody Rose gun at her.[2]
#23 Prelude to the Battle December 9, 2008
Absorbing Kaname's blood finally revives Rido. The vampires all suspect this, and an unsettled mood enshrouds the Academy. The Headmaster calls for an emergency evacuation of the Day Class students, as Rido's servant vampires begin attacking the students.[2]
Ep24 #24 Two Souls December 16, 2008
In order to protect the academy, the Headmaster confronts the head of the Hunter Society while Rido is still on the rampage. In the meantime, Ichiru pays a visit to Zero and shoots him with the Bloody Rose gun.[2]
Rido attacking Yuki #25 World's End December 23, 2008
Yuki understands the position she has been put in, and remembering Kaname's words, "Do what you have to do," Yuki decides that as Guardian, she must protect all the students at the academy and fight Rido.[3][4]
Ep26 #26 Vampire Knight December 30, 2008
All of Zero's strength is not enough to kill Rido, and Rido runs away. However, Kaname finds Rido, and Zero arrives soon after. The two of them attack Rido. After the fight, the sun rises upon the devastated Cross Academy.[5]


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