The Kuran Mansion is the main residence of the Kuran Family.


The Kuran Mansion has belonged to the Kuran family for many generations. Kaname experiences a flashback of his former self in a hidden room now locked away.


The mansion has secret entrances and many hidden rooms without windows, such as where Yuki spent the first five years of her life before she was turned into a human by her mother, Juri Kuran. It is large enough to become lost in and comes across many rooms that have never been seen before.


Although the Kuran Family's Mansion location is unknown, one entrance is through a dark and thick forest where Kaname took Yuki into the mansion because the front door was being watched by spies.


  • Its implied that Yuki either abandoned the mansion in favor of staying in her foster father's old manor, or the Kuran mansion they lived in was a new one built some years later as a Night Class student noted Ren's home was on academy grounds.
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