This is the nineteenth chapter of the Vampire Knight manga sequel series Vampire Knight: Memories.


The chapter begins with Ai Kuran, age 70. She reflects that she hasn't been very responsible. That changes when her sister Ren Kiryu is born, and Ai decides to do her best and to create a good life for her sister. Hanabusa Aido visits and comments that Ren is beautiful before running back to his research. A maid brings Ai several anonymous letters that are "inappropriate," which Ai burns. She promises baby Ren that she will protect her from danger.

As Ren grows, Ai takes her task of protecting Ren very seriously, going as far as to sweep pebbles out of the way as Ren runs to her. When Yuki tells Ai of the anti-vampire faction she was dealing with, Ai covers Ren's ears so she will remain pure and innocent. Yuki suggests that Ai could begin shouldering some responsibilities as a Kuran, but Ai declines, saying she's invested in nurturing her sister.

As Ren grows, she shows increasing interest in following her father's footsteps and being a hunter who defeats bad guys. When Zero goes to a gun range, Ren insists on going and she watches him behind bulletproof glass.

When Ren begins attending Cross Academy, she joins the Day Class and keeps her vampire nature a secret. Ai watches over her from a distance while she's at school. Ren appears to make friends with two human classmates and has fun.

A maid brings Ai another anonymous letter, but Ai identifies the sender by the traces of perfume left on it. She has the maid tell the sender that it's useless to continue sending the letters. The sender is a woman who is unhappy that Yuki has decided to make peace with the humans and that she is in a relationship with Zero.

Ren's bloodlust awakens and she cannot go to school for a while since she's a risk to her human classmates. Yuki explains that if her craving for blood becomes too much, she must turn to someone such as Yuki, Zero, or Ai. When Ai tries to visit her in bed, Ren tells her not to come in. She asks her father to go to the shooting range. He carries her there through the forest, and he lets her feed from him.

As she grows, Ren appears in the Night Class uniform. She begins firing a gun herself at the firing range under Zero's supervision.

Ren has also been avoiding her sister, since it's Ai she really wants to drink from.


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