The Moon Dormitory is the is one of Cross Academy's two Dormitories. The Moon Dorm is where the students of the Night Class live while the Day Class students study in the School Building.

The first temporary dormitory used to be an old staff building. Later on, the vampires moved into a more permanent building. Yuki described it as a "more of an aristocrat's mansion." This is because they have an area similar to a grand living room. They have a duel staircase with the stairs arching around the living space.

Kaname has his own suite while others have roommates, for example Senri Shiki and Takuma Ichijo.

At dusk both Yuki and Zero stand outside the front gate to move along the Night Class and keep away the fangirls from the Day Class. The Moon Dorm also has a back entrance which is guarded by a hooded man who is seen rarely.

When Yuki and Zero walk the grounds of the Moon Dorm it is shown that it is very spacious. The one part that really shows the size is when Ichijo has his party and the show shows random vampire just standing out in every place.

It is destroyed during the battle between Yuki, Zero, and Rido. That is when Rido Kuran attacks the Academy to get closer to Yuki.

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