Resin Rose
The Resin Rose is a precious ornament that was given to Yuki Kuran by Kaname Kuran on the 30th Night. It is a miniature rose that blooms only once every ten years, even in the depths of winter. Kaname had it hardened in resin to preserve it. It is fairly small which is easily held in one hand and it is approximately 10 cm in height and 3 cm wide.

Kaname gifts the rose to Yuki on return from his long holiday. Yuki does not realized the significance until several chapters later. Following her awakening and the return of her memories, she remembers Kaname promising a young Yuki that he would bring back the rose for her to see, as she was locked in the Kuran mansion and therefore was unable to see the field of flowers for herself.

During the 41st Night, when Kaname tries to force a newly awakened Yuki away from the Academy, the emotional response through her new powers causes a crack to appear in the Resin Rose. It is the only significant item that Yuki takes with her on the 47th Night upon leaving Cross Academy with Kaname. A year later, during the 51st Night when she talks to her young vampire self, she reaches out and finds herself grasping the Resin Rose.

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