"Bonus Story: Sometimes There Are Lazy Days Too" is an extra story in the Vampire Knight manga series.

The story shows a regular day for Yuki Kuran and Zero Kiryu with their Disciplinary Committee duties.

This is the first bonus chapter released in LaLa DX.


On an uneventful evening, the Night Class returns to their dorms after class, passing Yuki and Zero.

The next morning, Sayori Wakaba wakes up Yuki because her favorite breakfast is being served. Zero spends some time in the stables with White Lily and brushes her.

Yuki falls asleep in class, and Zero comes in late, so the teacher keeps them late for supplementary classes. Since the Night Class will be heading out soon, Zero and Yuki try to leave, only to find the classroom door locked by the teacher. Zero eventually kicks the door open, breaking the lock so they can leave.

Meanwhile, the Night Class students are getting harassed by the Day Class students since the Disciplinary Committee isn't there to keep things under control. After some confrontations, Yuki and Zero arrive to keep them back, allowing the Night Class to pass without further harassment. Takuma Ichijo comments that they do seem to need the Disciplinary Committee after all.


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