As biased as people might be towards him, please keep in mind that he still has his own fans, and providing biased comments on Wikia does not help anyone. This note is directed towards who ever had enough time on their hands to edit out the real plot sumary and replace it with their own opinions. You have just erased other people's "helpful" contributions to this page, if you feel the need to bash this character, do so on a forum. Thank you very much.

Please keep all notes on the talk page. Thanks. Cotton 11:08, May 12, 2010 (UTC)

rido-sama is maybe evil, but some people fell with him beacouse his has no one to love and the one he loves rejicts him and despices him.

You also need to add his English Voice Actor Because Vampire Knight: Guilty is now in English. The English Voice Actor for Rido is Patrick Seitz so you really need to add him. If you don't beleave me just go to and listen to Rido's voice when he speaks.