There is an unnamed town near Cross Academy.


As revealed in 27th Night, the town houses the headquarters of the Vampire Hunter Association. The majority of the population consists of hunters and others associated with them.

The town also has a cemetery where Ichiru Kiryu, the Kiryus, and Yuki's childhood caretaker Momoyama are buried.


During her early childhood, Yuki Kuran would run into town to meet with Kaname Kuran on her birthday.

Later as a student at Cross Academy Yuki would often shop here with either Sayori Wakaba or Zero Kiryu. There are lot of restaurants that students seem to find popular. A favourite choice for students is a cafe that has delicious parfaits. Hanabusa Aido was said to regular at this cafe, as one of the waitresses was able to recognize him. There is a also a Ramen restaurant that Zero seems to like. One time when Zero ordered some ramen, the chief gave him an free extra egg, as he looked a little down.

However, the town also has vampires that roam through it. During some of her outings with Zero, Yuki was attacked by some Level E vampires.

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