Tsukiko Aido (藍堂 月子, Aidou Tsukiko) is the daughter of Nagamichi Aido. Her older brother is Hanabusa Aido, which makes her Akatsuki Kain's cousin, as well. She is a Level B Aristocrat Vampire, but not a student of the Cross Academy.


Tsukiko has blonde hair and light blue eyes like her father and brother.


As she has not appeared much in the storyline, nothing is really known about her personality. Although judging from her one appearance, she may be the obedient type with possibly a slight infatuation for Kaname Kuran.


Tsukiko is one of Nagamichi's three daughters.


Tsukiko first appeared when her father wanted to introduce her to Kaname Kuran, in the hopes that Kaname would consider her as a prospective bride, much to Hanabusa Aido's embarrassment and disgust.

Powers & Abilities

Due to limited appearances and role in the over-all plot of the series, any powers she has is unknown.


She uses non-vampire hunting deer horn knives.


Very little is known besides that she is a younger sister to Hanabusa Aido and even though she is the younger one she still likes to pick on Hanabusa mostly about him saying that he loves Kaname. In the fan book, she and her sisters nickname their brother Hana.



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