The Vampire Hunter Association is made up only of Vampire Hunters.




It is lead by a President who has great authority over the Hunters and has the right to order any person to be executed for disobeying his or her orders. Until 45th Night the association was led by the unnamed Vampire Hunter Association President (Character); however, his corruption and dealings with the Vampire Council led to a confrontation with Kaien Cross and ultimate demise.

Because of this Kaien Cross was tipped to become the President of the Association, but let the position 'slip through his fingers'[1]. Although Toga Yagari is the official president, Cross carries out the position's duties.

Zero became the President of the Association some time before his sixties. As he is a vampire who can't age into a feeble elderly form, he is an ideal candidate for the role as he can hold it for decades more than a normal human.


The Association tasks members with jobs and is responsible for creating the list of dangerous vampires (to which Kaname Kuran is later revealed to have maliciously added the name of Shizuka Hio's lover so she would kill the Kiryu parents, and he could then mold Zero and Ichiru into weapons, while the blame for putting Shizuka's lover on the hunter list fell to his uncle, Rido Kuran).

The Hunters carry special weapons that don't harm humans but are fatal to vampires, often stifling their abilities to regenerate quickly. It is taboo for a vampire to use Hunter weapons against other vampires in a duel.

About 50 years after the first series, it became policy to capture all vampires that broke laws, rather than outright kill them; once vampires were public knowledge, they believed that all criminals deserved to be given a trial instead of facing capital punishment.


The Vampire hunters have numerous safe houses, prisons, and other facilities across multiple towns. For instance, their headquarters are located in the town closest to Cross Academy and, as a temporary measure after its demolition, the academy itself.

All hunter buildings have protective enchantments against vampires. Vampires can only enter if they are tamed or are being escorted (whether voluntarily or under restraints) by other tame vampires or Hunters.


  • The generation of Hunters under Zero's leadership felt a little concerned about how the public (which then knew about them and vampires) would react if it got out that the Association President's lover was a Pureblood vampire. (Not that they had anything personal against Zero and Yuki's relationship; they were just concerned that the public would see them as a Pureblood's minions.)
  • Since becoming public, the association has been hiring staff from outside the hunter lineages if they possess the skill they need for non-hunting (such as medical and record keeping).

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