Vampire Knight Wiki is open to new affiliations.

We're happy to affiliate with established wikis that are somewhat related to Vampire Knight. Contact Kylara or an active admin for affiliation.


These are some of the things we look at when considering an affiliation:

  • Related topic - If the wiki is related to Vampire Knight. For some examples, if a wiki is any one of these, it's fine:
    • Series' published in LaLa, LaLa DX, or Shojo Beat.
    • Series' with a similar audience, such as manga/anime that's targeted to girls/women.
    • Series' with similar topics, such as romances including vampires.
  • Main page - If the wiki main page is customized. It should have some basic information and have some starting points for navigating through content.
  • Theme - If the wiki theme is customized. It doesn't need to be fancy, but it should look decent and be readable.
  • Wordmark - If the wiki wordmark is customized. This is necessary since it is the image used in our the affiliation section.
  • Page count - The number of pages the wiki has, and how many of those are fully developed pages. We will take canon size and page content into consideration, but we're generally looking for 100+ fully developed pages for a series.
  • Admin - If at least one admin is active, if they work with their community members, and if the wiki is being generally maintained.

What if my wiki doesn't meet that criteria?

  • Your wiki does not need to meet all of the points above. We consider each wiki as a whole.
  • There's no harm in asking anyway. Worst case scenario is we politely decline. If it's something that can be improved with a little effort, we'll let you know and maybe we can still affiliate!

How to request affiliation

Please contact an active admin. Let us know that you are interested in affiliating and include a link to the wiki.

We will generally get back to you within 24 hours. If a week goes by, then we have probably overlooked it due to personal events, so please feel free to remind us.

Current affiliates

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