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Creating an Article and Naming It

You go to the top left of the page on the wiki and there should be a button that says "contribute". Click that, click the option underneath that says "add a page" and then a small box should appear for you to name your article. Name your article however you want it to be and then you will be directed to the editing page of the article. Add the information you want in the editing section and click publish. Afterwards, you've created your article and named it.

New articles must follow our Manual of Style so be sure to check it out prior!

Renaming Articles

On an article, there should be a blue button that says "edit" and a small arrow pointing downward next to it. Click on the arrow, click "rename", and you will be directed to the page on renaming articles.

There, you can choose how you want the article renamed, as well as provide a statement as to why. It's strongly recommended that before you rename the page you provide a specific reason.

How Should Articles Be Named

All first letters in the words featured in the name of the article must be capitalized. However, prepositions do not need to be capitalized unless they start the title of the specific article, as in the cases of some episodes and chapters. Also, any usage of the word "and" should be spelled as "&" instead.

Specific Article Naming

Episodes and Chapters are named specifically.

For the episodes, they should start with "Episode". Following that is the number of the episode chronologically in the Vampire Knight Anime, with the ":" symbol right next to it, without being spaced. Then, following a space, there should be the title of the Episode in its English translation. So, for example, the first episode of the anime would be Episode 1: Night of the Vampires.

Chapters of the original manga series are named based on their Night number, e.g. 1st Night, 2nd Night, and so forth. The rest of the title is not included in the page name.