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What Are Redirects Used For?

Redirects are commonly used to link to a certain article, but without having to type all the words. It is to provide a simpler, more convenient way for a person to go to the article instead of having to type everything in its most-proper manner, or official, as most would say.

How to Make a Redirect Page

Simply create a new page, titled specifically as to what you want the redirect name to be, and add the code below. Note, the word that means to redirect can be all lowercased or capitalized. And the page title, that is the official article that you want to redirect to.

#REDIRECT [[Page title]]

Redirect Usage

Create a redirect page only when necessary.

When moving an article, leave behind a redirect unless you intend to immediately make a different page at the old name.

Reasons to Make a Redirect Page

  • Article contains macrons.
  • Article is very long and does not need to be fully typed.
  • Article is about a character with a first and last name, maybe even middle name.
  • Article linked must not be off-topic in regarding the redirect.

For Japanese names, the page should be located at their English name order with the given name first and family name second. Redirects should be in place for: