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Vampire Knight is a shōjo manga with a theme that mainly revolves around romance and couples, such as Yuki x Kaname and Yuki x Zero. Many people who are fans of the series conflict about why a couple should or should not be together, with some even attacking a certain ship while defending the one they support the most. Shipping is the activity of pairing of two or more characters together in a type of relationship, often romantic.

When people argue about ships, this is called ship warring. It is a frequency for the fans of Vampire Knight and can often be light or severe in damage. To defend against this, we have a policy to stop people from ship warring with another. It is to maintain peace and friendship between the users here and also to keep neutrality, which is often a benefit for various wikis especially Vampire Knight.

What is a Defined Explanation of a Ship?

Shipping, short for "relationshipping", is the belief that two characters are in a relationship, or may have romantic feelings that could potentially lead to a relationship.

For example, a person who would like to see Yuki and Kaname as a romantic couple would be a Yume fan, or a Yume shipper. He or she would support PokéShipping. In addition to "shipping," and "shipper," there are "ship," which is a word for the pairing itself, and "shippy," which is used as an adjective. For example, should Yuki and Kaname kiss, that moment would be considered Yume shippy. A basic rundown follows:

Noun Ship (pairing) : Example: "I support that ship." means "I support that pairing."

Adjective Shippy (supports a ship) : Example: "That hug was shippy." means "That hug makes them look like a couple."

Verb shipping (action of supporting a ship) : Example: "I enjoy the shipping, Yume." means "I enjoy supporting Yuki and Kaname as a couple."

Verb (infrequent use)
Ship (action of supporting a ship) : Example: "Do you ship?" means "Do you support that/any pairing(s)?"

Person shipper (supporter of a ship) : Example: "We are all shippers of that couple." means "We are all supporters of that pairing."

What Needs to be Followed Here


  • Staying neutral about conflicts.
  • If a user disagrees with who you ship, ignore.
  • Try to stay friendly about it.


  • Making negative remarks on the ship, shipper, or characters in ship.
  • Bashing them.
  • Bashing the user(s) who supports it.
  • Vandalizing the character(s) article page(s) and/or the relationship article.
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