Vampire Knight Vol. 14 is the fourteenth volume of the Vampire Knight manga series.

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Publisher Language Release Date ISBN Number
Hakusensha Japanese
ChuangYi English
Viz Media English

Japanese Tankobon Obi

The obi is a decorative "sash" that is wrapped around a Japanese publication and not included in any of the English releases.

If you want him... isn't it all right to eat him all up?
— Yuki Kuran (Inner vampire), 66th Night


  • Front Cover - Kaname leans over a sleeping Zero and Yuki.
  • Inner cover beginning - Zero reaching out for the blue feathers
  • Inner cover end - Sara and Takuma, cover from 65th Night.
  • Back flap - Yuki and the blue feathers

Plot Outline

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Chuang Yi Manga

After drinking Kaname's blood, Yuki experiences the time of the ancestors through his memories. She sees the strife that he was caught up in, but also the woman who was his companion, and realises that his affection for her ran deep. What will Yuki do when she finally awakens from the past? Meanwhile, Sara continues to turn more human girls into her slaves and sets her plan into motion. In response, kaname finally makes his move, but at what cost?!

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In Japan, the volume 14 tankobon sold 125,822 copies in the first two weeks of sales, ranking in the top 20 releases of the weeks.

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