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Yuki Kuran and Kaname Kuran are one of the main romantic couples in the Vampire Knight series. Together, they have a daughter named Ai Kuran.


As a child, Yuki adored her older brother, Kaname, and the two shared an extremely close relationship. Due to fears over her safety, Yuki's birth was kept secret from the rest of Vampire Society, and for the first five years of her life, she was kept hidden from the outside world in the basement of the Kuran Mansion with only her parents, Haruka and Juri, and her older brother as companions.

Yuki's parents had managed to keep their daughter safe until the night their elder brother, Rido Kuran, attacked the Kuran household and murdered Haruka in the process, leading to Juri sacrificing her life in a final attempt to protect Yuki by transforming her into a human. After severely injuring Rido, though unable to land the killing blow, Kaname took the unconscious Yuki away from the Kuran Manion until he was forced to leave her in order to deal with the vampires pursuing them. Once alone, Yuki regained consciousness and was attacked by a rogue vampire but was saved by Kaname who had returned just in time. After rescuing Yuki, Kaname left her in the care of Kaien Cross, a former Vampire Hunter and long-time friend of the Kurans. Unable to remember her previous life, Yuki's first memory as a human was of her being saved by Kaname.

Yuki then spent the next ten years of her life living as Kaien's adopted daughter whilst Kaname was placed under the watch of the Ichijo family and the Vampire Council.


During their ten-year separation, Kaname was often tricked by Kaien into visiting Yuki, giving the pair opportunities to grow close once again and allowing Kaname a temporary respite from the Vampire Council. With Yuki, Kaname was able to laugh and relax and behave in a more carefree manner as he fondly watched over her. Kaname would also visit Yuki each year on the anniversary of her being rescued, a day that Yuki referred to as her birthday. As a human, Yuki grew to trust and care for Kaname, and strongly believed in his kindness due to his gentleness towards her. As she grew up, Yuki fell deeply in love with Kaname and would look forward to each of his visits.

Despite their closeness in her early childhood years, Yuki and Kaname's relationship changed after the creation of Cross Academy. Just before the Academy was opened, and knowing that Kaname was living in one the school's nearby dormitories, Yuki had decided to pay him a visit. Unable to locate Kaname, Yuki had fallen asleep on the dormitory stairs whilst waiting for him. Kaname soon found Yuki afterwards and, due to his strong affections for her, nearly gives into the temptation of drinking her blood until he was stopped by Ruka. In an attempt to calm his thirst, Kaname proceeds to drink Ruka's blood whilst Yuki slept in his room. However, after awakening from her slumber, Yuki stumbles upon Kaname whilst he is still drinking Ruka's blood and quicky becomes scared. Knowing that Yuki is watching and wanting to drive her away for her own safety, Kaname continues to drink from Ruka causing Yuki to run away in shock and fear. Finally having come to understand that vampires and humans are truly different from one another, Yuki's relationship with Kaname becomes more distant than it previously was, though both still continue to love each other from afar.


Whilst At Cross Academy

Despite her anxiety of being from two different species, Yuki loves Kaname and even confesses to Zero that her mind is full of him. However, Yuki's insecurities stay with her, and after seeing Kaname with Sara Shirabuki at the vampire ball, Yuki becomes anxious and hurt, believing that Kaname would be better suited with someone from his own kind. Upon realising that Yuki had seen him and Sara together, Kaname returns to Yuki's side and lays down on her chest. He asks that Yuki let him rest there for a while until he forgives her for sneaking into the ball and putting herself in danger. Whilst Kaname rests in her arms, Yuki cradles him close and thinks to herself that she loves Kaname, and that he is the beginning of her world and everything in that world. Seeing Yuki become emotional beneath him, Kaname begins to thirst for Yuki's blood, and licks her neck. Kaname then asks Yuki if she would like to become a vampire and live for eternity with him, to which she says yes. Just when he is about to bite her however, Kaname pulls back and says that he took things too far. After this, Yuki is returned to Cross Academy.

08 022

Due to searching for answers about her past, Yuki begins to hallucinate and is slowly driven mad by the frightening images that she sees in these hallucinations. Unable to stop Yuki from triggering the memories of her past, but not wanting her to suffer any longer, Kaname chooses to awaken Yuki before she completely goes mad. After being awakened, Yuki's memories return and she remembers that Kaname is her elder brother. Due to not having drunk blood before, Yuki wakes up incredibly thirsty and pins Kaname to the bed in order to drink from his neck. Before biting into him, Yuki thinks to herself that she only wants Kaname's blood. After having satiated her thirst, Yuki struggles emotionally with the loss of her parents and loses control of her powers which causes the windows in the room to shatter. Hugging her close, Kaname comforts Yuki and asks that she not deny herself of her powers. Feeling immensely confused, Yuki turns and says that there is something wrong with her, as for the past ten years she had been in love with her brother. Kaname then explains that it is normal for Purebloods to marry their siblings, and Yuki recalls that her own parents were brother and sister.

When Rido begins his attack on Cross Academy, Kaname suggests that he and Yuki leave Cross Academy in order to escape from Rido, a plan Yuki refuses out of a sense of duty as a school prefect and a need to protect her friends. After only just having Yuki regain her memories, Kaname is scared to lose Yuki again as she refuses to leave the academy. However, Yuki kisses him and promises to always return to Kaname's arms, reassuring him before they part ways. Yuki keeps to her word, and after the fight with Rido ends, she parts with Zero and returns with Kaname to their family home, thanking him for keeping the promise he made to her (he got her the rose solidified in resin).

Upon entering their new home, Kaname finally confesses all that he has done to protect Yuki, and states that he is far more tainted than she can imagine. Understanding that Yuki's perception of him may have changed, Kaname says that it is fine if Yuki never speaks to him again. Though initially upset, Yuki accepts Kaname's sins, and tells him she loves him tainted or not, while they share a kiss and states that if he is to be branded as a tainted and sinful vampire, then she wishes to fall to the very furthest depths with him.

In The Kuran Manor

Having murdered the corrupt vampire council, an act which sends the vampire society into disarray and earns him a number of enemies, Kaname spends the following year reorganizing vampire society and maintaining peace between humans and vampires. Unable to control her own powers and afraid for her safety, Kaname has Yuki remain inside the Kuran manor during this time and limits her contact with the outside world, requesting that Yuki neither communicate nor have visitors at the mansion for fear that their enemies find her before she makes her official entry into the vampire world.


During this time, Yuki returns to calling Kaname "brother (formally)", despite his repeated requests to simply call him "Kaname.". Yuki has many difficulties accepting her new existence as an undying vampire, and because of this, is reluctant to use her fangs, forcing Kaname to give her blood like a child. Yuki also often has hallucinations where she speaks to her inner vampire, who desires Kaname so much that she wishes to devour him. These thoughts appear to trouble Yuki, and her fear of her desires leave her in a perpetual state of blood lust and hunger, desperate for Kaname's blood. The situation is made worse by Kaname's frequent absences from the mansion, however during one of her hallucinations, Yuki regains her ability to use her fangs, and her delusions and blood lust soon stop after that moment. Despite having learnt how to use her fangs however, Yuki confesses to Kaname that without Zero's blood as well, Yuki's thirst will never be fully quenched. In spite of this however, Yuki asks that she still be allowed to remain by Kaname's side and continue to touch him the way she does now. Kaname accepts her request and explains that he would rather have Yuki kill him than be separated from her.

Soon after, Kaname returns Artemis to Yuki and she leaves the house but is then attacked by another Pureblood vampire, Toma. Whilst this occurs, Kaname reflects on his feelings for Yuki and is tormented by Rido's spirit who mocks him for how he wishes to both let Yuki be free in the outside world, but is also terrified that she will be hurt and taken from him. It is at this point that Kaname senses that Yuki has been attacked, and his bats bring Yuki home whilst he severely punishes Toma for attacking Yuki. Upon returning to the manor, a wounded Yuki lies on the bed whilst Kaname drinks her blood. Yuki begins to worry that she is a useless individual and questions why Kaname acts as though he is filled with nothing but despair. Kaname explains that it is because he is so desperately afraid that one day Yuki will throw her life away to a useless cause, and that he will lose her, stating that he does not wish to relive that a second time. Seeing that Yuki is confused, Kaname reveals that he is not her older brother, but is actually her ancestor from many thousands of years ago.

Inside Kaname's Memories

After revealing that he is not her real brother, Kaname takes Yuki to the underground mausoleum in the Kuran Manor, where Kaname had slept for approximately 10,000 years. Kaname then asks if Yuki is thirsty, to which she nods yes, and Kaname allows her to drink his blood. Once Yuki begins drinking his blood, she is able to see Kaname's memories and witnesses his awakening by Rido. It is shown that, in order to take Kaname's power for himself, Rido had taken Haruka and Juri's first child (also named Kaname) and had killed the baby and used his blood to revive Kaname who had been sleeping in a coffin. After waking up however, Kaname was able to overpower Rido, and transformed himself into a baby so that his blood lust did not force him to attack Haruka and Juri. Following this, Haruka and Juri find Kaname and realize what has happened, however they choose to adopt and raise Kaname as their own son.

After seeing this, Yuki asks Kaname who he really is, to which Kaname says that she should ask his blood. Falling into his memories, Yuki sees that Kaname was one of the first vampires to ever appear in the world, and that he had lived for so long that he had forgotten his own name. At one point Kaname had lived in a human village and helped the villagers, but eventually he was chased out of the village after the villagers discovered that he was a vampire. Kaname then wandered alone before he was found by the Hooded Woman, another vampire who organized the Pureblood vampires and chose to protect humans from Purebloods that wished to control them. After joining the Hooded Woman and finding other vampires, Kaname began to research how to kill vampires, and eventually discovered that only the power of Purebloods could kill them. Kaname had planned to sacrifice himself to create the first Hunter weapons, however the Hooded Woman chose to sacrifice herself instead and asked that Kaname continue to fight for the sake of humans. As his friend, mentor, and almost lover, the Hooded Woman's death left a deep impression upon Kaname, and he continued on fight on until eventually he and his supporters had won the war against the other Purebloods. During these battles however, Kaname lost many comrades, and his fear of losing those he loved began.

Whilst still in Kaname's memories, Yuki sees Kaname standing alone looking over a battlefield. She steps onto a broken mirror which alerts Kaname to her presence. Shocked, Yuki questions if Kaname can see her to which he replies yes. Inadvertently, Yuki ends up naming Artemis whilst in conversation with Kaname, and after sensing the Hooded Woman's presence in the weapons, and perhaps feeling some jealousy, Yuki questions whether Kaname intends to replace the Hooded Woman with someone else? Kaname then replies that no one can be a replacement for someone else. Kaname's memories soon shift however, and Yuki sees that, years after the deaths of all his companions, Kaname eventually falls into a deep depression and lies down in his coffin, intending to sleep forever now that he had been left as the last of the ancestors.

After awakening from Kaname's memories, Kaname seeks confirmation from Yuki that she understands he is not her brother. Yuki declares that she will call Kaname by his name from then on, rather than "brother (formally)" as she had been, as she realizes that he is fragile. Nagamichi Aido who is visiting with Kaname, asks Yuki if she would be able to stop Kaname if she disagreed with his actions. Yuki declares that she can't do anything until she is Kaname's equal and mulls over the distance between them.

Kaname faces Yuki and asks what she thinks of him, she responds that she knew him as her brother, her senpai, her fiance, and now he is her ancestor. She also states that Kaname as a man is more beautiful than her, is powerful, yet fragile, is conniving and sometimes deceptive using lies to hide many secrets. She feels uncertain of his feelings for her, but he amends that he loves her, however there are other things mixed up in his feelings for her, by which he means the conflicts arising within him whether to hold her close to him eternally or watch as she spreads her wings. Ultimately her best answer to his question is to ask if they can start over and she can watch him properly, to which he hugs her tightly and agrees. Yuki is happy that she has finally faced him as an equal and they can start over.


After saying goodbye to Yuki, Kaname leaves saying that he has very important duties to attend to, Yuki troubled, begs him not to leave. Kaname asks her to look after the house and tells her not to hesitate, before leaving the house. Yuki, as always sees through his pretence and runs out of the mansion in search of Kaname and she runs into Kaien and Hanabusa. Following her sensing of Kaname, Yuki directs them to the Hanadagi Castle and they arrive to witness Kaname murdering Hanabusa's father. Kaname turns to Yuki and advises her that he can no longer hesitate and is returning to his original plan. He apologies and thanks Yuki before disappearing. After Yuki unfreezes from her shock, she chases after Kaname in a desperate almost crazed state (unlocking a new power in the process), unable to believe what has occurred when they just promised to start all over again.

Yuki gets taken to the Vampire Hunter's headquarters for questioning, but she knows nothing about Kaname's intentions. Yuki vows to take Kaname's place and keep the peace between vampires and humans, but she demands to be the one to confront Kaname. Yuki sets up the Night Class and continues to promise Aido that she would go after Kaname, but continues to delay until things are more stable. Yuki hears about Kaname killing more Purebloods, she refuses to accept it and mentally begs for Kaname to stop. The hunters declare they have no intention of stopping Kaname, but Yuki tells Zero that she wants to stop Kaname.

Kaname clashes with Kaien when he feigns an attack on Isaya and asks Kaien to tell Yuki that he killed Ouri and that Sara is next. Kaname arrives at the school and Yuki tries to go to him before she realizes he has not come to take her away. Kaname reiterates that she is a hindrance to his plans crushing Yuki. He tells Zero and Yuki that he released Shizuka from her cage because he wished her to attack a certain hunter couple and leaves as Yuki cries about everything. Yuki comes to the realization that she is the source of everything and becomes determined to stop Kaname.

Their Relationship

Due to Yuki's widely changing circumstances, the nature of Yuki and Kaname's relationship has gone through many changes. Both Yuki and Kaname still continues to love each other (despite everything they went through).

Yuki as a Human

Often uncertain of Kaname's feelings for her, Yuki claims he sees her as nothing more than a pet, despite the fact that Kaname often refers to her as "his dear girl." During their separation, Kaname often appears lonely, and Yuki observes that besides herself, few people are close to him.

As a child, Yuki always referred to Kaname as her "Onii-sama" (a respectful and formal Japanese term for elder cousin or brother), while after turning human, Yuki at first called him "Kaname" (informal), but after their relationship became distant she began referring to him as "Kaname-sama" (respectful and formal), and "Kaname-senpai" (respectful address for an older student) while at school. Yuki revealed in 25th Night that she had been determined not to refer to Kaname as "Kaname-sama" in a deliberate attempt to not distance herself from Kaname, but still accidentally finds herself using it.

After Yuki's Awakening

Yume kiss

Following her reawakening, Yuki returns to calling Kaname "Onii-sama" and occasionally "Kaname-senpai," despite his repeated requests to simply call him "Kaname." During this time, Yuki and Kaname appear to be affectionate with one another and share occasional kisses; however, it's later revealed that Yuki continues to feel distant from Kaname, making her unable to address him informally and preventing their relationship from progressing forward.

In spite of her feelings of inequality, when asked by Kaname how she sees him after revealing his past to her, Yuki responds that she thinks he keeps too many secrets, is a liar, and is somewhat vicious. Yuki suggests that they start over, so that she can get to know the real Kaname. Unfortunately, this does not lead to many answers as Kaname leaves Yuki shortly after this, determined to carry out the plan he had formed prior his revival. Kaname's own feelings regarding Yuki are contradicting. He wants to love her dearly and keep her all to himself as he had lived 10 years away from her, silently watching her from the background. But at the same time he wants her to be able to smile from her heart, which he knows won't be possible as long as the power of Purebloods is not eliminated. The conclusion can be drawn that Kaname's plan to eliminate the supremacy of purebloods was all for Yuki's sake so that at least she doesn't go through the same ordeals that he was subjected to as a Pureblood king. Yuki however, is determined to save Kaname from self-destruct.

VK Yuki Kaname Finale

After Kaname sacrifice his life, Yuki cries.

She fights Kaname with her Artemis, telling Kaname that she will never abandon him and he uses his sword, and Yuki wonders if killing the Purebloods was "her" wish - her being the Hooded Woman who sacrificed herself to create the Vampire Hunters and Anti Vampire weapons. However, as she steadily recognizes her feelings for Zero, she still hopes of saving Kaname by giving up her life and turning him human because she knows that as long as he exists as a pureblood, he will always embrace weakness. Kaname and Yuki are reunited, Kaname feeling guilty over not giving up his life sooner to turn her human. Yuki knows that he intends to burn his heart in the furnace and become the new parent and she wants to stop him at all costs. Even after he insists that he will not run, again, she refuses to let him go, calling him a "Liar", and telling him that every memory she had of him since he rescued her from the Level-E Vampire (the night her memories were erased by her mother, Juri) were all lies. Kaname, wanting to show Yuki where her heart truly belongs, makes love to her.

Vampire Knight Memories

Two months after Kaname was encased, it is revealed that Yuki had not left his side since while being in a depressed suicidal state and wanting to kill all vampires to revive Kaname. After she nearly attacks Yori due to blood-lust, she finds afterwards that she is pregnant with Kaname's daughter and resolves to live, for him and their child. Kaname and Yuki's love for each other remains unchanged through out Vampire Knight Memories. Kaname often express his desires to see Yuki again. Holding hands with Zero reminds Yuki about Kaname. While Yuki talks about bringing Ai (The treasure kaname left her with) into the world unharmed, she begans to shed tears for Kaname[1].

Later on, Yuki dreams about Kaname as a human, outside on a sunny day and holding their baby. She says how wonderful it would be if that could really happen[2]. Yuki continues to have thoughts about wanting to return inside of him.

Yuki still wishes and is determined to give up her life to turn Kaname into a human. A thousand years after he became the parent metal, she gives up her life to turn him human by giving him her heart. leaving her children in his care with a message from her, "I want to give to you, whom I love, the world that I saw, when I was a human." 

While brushing Ai's hair, Yuki is remined of Kaname, while sniffing Ai's hair Yuki tells her that she doesn't have his scent. She tells Ai that that she loves her. Ai response telling her that she loves her too. Ai ask about her love for Kaname which Yuki tells her she loves him too[3]. When Ren told Kaname that Yuki exists inside of him (Ai told Ren that they weren't suppose to tell him that) he became angry.

Even in a relationship with Zero, Yuki was shown still to be thinking and grieving about Kaname, and he tells her, that her heart stopped moving that day when Kaname died. As a human Kaname's feelings for Yuki remains the same. In Vampire Knight Memories with Yuki's fragment inside of him and no memories of Yuki, Kaname continues to think about Yuki who exists inside of him, wanting to see her again and even asks Ai if pulling his heart (Yuki's heart) out of him would she regenerate. Ai states that Kaname showed no behavior, he was smiling a little. 

Kaname knows that he likes Ai and Ren because Yuki was the one who bore and raised them[4]. He begins to wonder why did Yuki go so far to give her heart to him, as to purify him. When Kaname tries to remember what did he do in order to protect (Yuki). Yuki awakens inside of Kaname telling him to stop. In a chapter of Vampire Knight Memories, when Ai and Ren goes to sleep, Kaname starts to think about Yuki again. Kaname knows that they are traces of her existence. Kaname then put his hand over his heart (Yuki's heart) knowing that Yuki is within him[5].

Yuki was shown to visit Kaname's body frequently, with their daughter Ai Kuran through out their lives to visit Kaname when he was encased in ice telling her stories about her father and teasing him that she has their child all to herself[6]. Ai learns that her mother considered killing all vampires in order to revive Kaname. While Kaname tries to get a job to hear the stories about his past and Yuki, Kaname began to wonder what kind of person he was, having no doubts that he loves Yuki[7]. In the chapters Kaname recalls his first memory of meeting and seeing Yuki on the battlefield a thousand years ago, wanting to meet her.

In the Manga

A little girl lost in the snow is attacked by a vampire. Another vampire comes and kills the first by piercing his head with his arm. He licks the blood and asks the little girl if she is okay. This is Yuki's first memory from ten years ago.

Today Yuki stands outside the Moon Dormitory at twilight trying to keep a herd of girls back from the building. The gates open and a number of beautiful and attractive individuals exit, the Night Class. The school girls overwhelm and crush Yuki. She is helped up by Kaname Kuran. Yuki jolts to attention, confronted by her crush, also the boy who saved her ten years ago. She thanks him and smiles at her and says that her formal manner towards him makes him feel lonely. Yuki protests its because he saved her life. Kaname tells her not to worry about it and he jostles her hair, but his arm is torn away by an angry Zero Kiryu. He coldly tells Kaname that class has started and Kaname tells him he is scary. A Day Class girl comes up with Kaname and asks him to accept her rose. He accepts the rose and thanks her for it. Zero looks at Yuki sideways and tells her its not his business if she likes Kaname, but she has to understand. Yuki pouts and says she knows that they are different from them, because they are vampires. Yuki and Zero continue their job and Yuki beats up Zero when they are finished, telling him off for being late.

In the Anime

On a snowy winter night, a small girl stands aimlessly. Out of nowhere a bestial vampire appears and begins to attack her. However, she is suddenly saved by another vampire, who then asks if she is alright. This vampire is found out later to be Kaname Kuran. At that moment a girl says you must never look into a vampire's eyes or you will be enslaved by them.

The gates open and a number of beautiful and attractive individuals exit, the Night Class. The school girls overwhelm and crush Yuki. She is helped up by Kaname Kuran. Yuki jolts to attention, confronted by her crush, also the boy who saved her ten years ago. She thanks him and smiles at her. This results in all the other girls staring at her in wonder and puzzlement. Kaname says that Yuki's formal manner towards him makes him feel lonely. Yuki protests its because he saved her life. Kaname tells her not to worry about it and he caress her hair and saying that it was a long time ago, but his arm is torn away by an angry Zero Kiryu. He coldly tells Kaname that class has started and Kaname tells him he is scary. A Day Class girl comes up with Kaname and asks him to accept her rose. He accepts the rose and thanks her for it. Zero looks at Yuki sideways and tells her its not his business if she likes Kaname, but she has to understand. Yuki pouts and says she knows that they are different from them, because they are vampires. Yuki and Zero continue their job and Yuki beats up Zero when they are finished, telling him off for being late.

At night, the Night students are assembled, and their teacher talks about the newly developed blood pill, and says that the young pupils are the pride of the entire vampire race for they have successful created a blood substitute. Ruka then says to Kaname that he seems pretty interested in Yuki, and he agrees, much to her grief and envy. This is because of Ruka's concealed infatuation with Kaname. Yuki then thinks about the Night students, and inwardly states that she is helping to protect them.

The headmaster is delighted that Yuki understands his pacifism of wanting humans and vampires in harmony. Zero leaves amidst the Headmaster's flamboyant rant. Yuki left behind says to the Headmaster that she understands where Zero is coming from. The Headmaster comments on how vampires attack humans and if people found out the truth it would cause an uproar. Yuki protests that Kaname is different and therefore with vampires like him, pacifism is possible. She tells him that things will be okay and happily jumps out the window to return to her patrol. Yuki reflects on how she has no memories before she was saved by Kaname, that night he took her to the Headmaster who looked after her ever since, that incident she suspect is why she wants humans and vampires to be friends.

Yuki then leaves, and she thinks about her past, saying that she has little memory of her childhood, but she remembers that Kaname took her to Kaien Cross, who then took her in as his daughter. She encounters Kaname and another night class student, Takuma, who thank her for her disciplinary work. After Yuki leaves, Kaname and Takuma discuss Yuki and the loyalty of the other vampires to Kaname, the Pureblood. According to Takuma, the other vampires have learned to like their new lives, but only follow the school rules because of Kaname. Ichijo continues by warning Kaname that even with Kaname being a Pureblood, there are still vampires that will listen to others.

They discuss how the Night Class is the first of its kind. Yuki stands watching Kaname from afar. Zero standing watching in another direction, asks Yuki how Kaname is. Yuki protests, saying she was only checking that everything was ok. Zero tells her how he doesn't trust the Night Class and is looking to find the best way to kill them. Yuki reflects on how Zero hasn't changed in the four years he lived with them.

Yuki ends up thinking about the fact that not all vampires are nice like Kaname, a prime example being that Zero's parents got killed by vampires.

Zero then arrives, just as Hanabusa was about to drink blood from Yuki's neck, and nearly shoots one of them with his Bloody Rose gun. Kaname then arrives, and takes the two other vampires back to the Headmaster for punishment, after erasing the memory of the two human girls.

Yuki yells at Zero to stop, but as Aido says he's already tasted Yuki, Zero shoots. Yuki pushed Zero's gun out of the way in time, shocking Aido and Kain. Kaname appears and asks Zero to put away the bloody rose. Kaname takes Aido away, asking Zero if it is okay and telling Kain off for not stopping Aido. Kaname asks Yuki to take the girls to the headmaster after their memories are erased. Kaname apologizes to Yuki for scaring her. She protests that she is fine, reaffirming in her mind that Kaname is different from the rest of the vampires.

After the events that occurred the night before, Hanabusa receives 10 days of suspension, but believes it was worth it to obtain Yuki's irresistible blood. Kaname hearing Hanabusa tell this to Akatsuki, comes over and slaps him and Hanabusa quickly apologizes. Elsewhere Yuki explains that humans should not go near vampires. In his room, Kaname licks his fingers as he thinks about Yuki.

At this time, the doors open to allow the Night Class students to exit causing the Day Class students to scream in excitement and push Yuki out of the way. As the Night students walk by, they stop to stare at Zero, and Kaname asks how he is feeling and tells him to take care of himself. This makes Zero mad and causes him to threaten Kaname. Yuki has no clue as to what is going on.

Yuki decides to make chocolates that night while thinking about Kaname. On the way, Yuki is bothered by what is going on between Zero and Kaname, but shakes it off. The Night Class students exit their dorms to find the Day Class students lined up at gates eager to hand out their chocolates. Each Night student has a gate with their name on it for them to go to and receive the chocolates and confessions from the Day Class students. Hanabusa tries to approach his gate before he is told to, but is stopped by Kaname. The events begins. After being disappointed she isn't getting any chocolates, Ruka receives chocolates from the representative and resents saying this. Everything goes well except Hanabusa asks one girl what her blood type is, but Yuki catches this. Kaname only accepts a few chocolates and then decides that his hands are too full.

Yuki misses her chance to give her chocolates to Kaname, but the chocolates fly out of her hands when some of the Day Class students run into her. Zero picks them up and throws them to Kaname only to have Yuki yell at him for that. Zero is hit by the sudden urge to drink blood after seeing Yuki's neck, but resists it. Kaname hands all of the chocolates he received to Seiren except the one from Yuki. Yuki looks for Zero only to realize everyone is gone.

The boy escapes Zero and once again attacks Yuki, but this time Yuki is saved by Kaname who appears at just the right moment. Kaname covers Yuki's eyes, and then a gust of wind appears out of nowhere seeming to come from Kaname. The vampire is now gone, and Kaname explains that those vampires were Level E vampires. After he lectures Yuki on leaving Cross Academy alone, Yuki admits she was searching for Zero, but Kaname lies by telling her Zero has already headed back to the dorms.

Kaname stops amid his conversation with Kaien and turns around, smelling Yuki's blood, he rushes out of Headmaster Cross's office.

From down the stairs, Kaname says Yuki's name and jolts her out of her shock, Kaname gets angry as he takes in the scene of a bloody Yuki and Zero. He pulls Yuki behind him protectively asking Zero if he's reduced to being a beast. Yuki has a sudden memory flash of her first encounter with Kaname killing the other vampire. She jumps out in front of Zero, afraid Kaname will kill Zero. The effort drains Yuki and she slumps into Zero's arms. Kaname takes Yuki out of Zero's arms blaming him for draining her too much and asks if her blood was that delicious while glaring at Zero.

Kaname takes Yuki to the infirmary, Yuki is now sitting up and protesting that she is fine. He checks her puncture noting that the blood has stopped but the wound is deep. He asks if it hurt noticing that she is now crying. She is surprised by her tears and shakes her head. She thinks to herself that she is confused, but now believes she hurt Zero. Kaien knocks at the door and advises Kaname to return to class to settle the other vampires.

Yuki walks by the Headmaster's office while Headmaster Cross is discussing Zero's fate with Kaname. Yuki overhears them considering sending Zero in with the Night students causing Yuki to run off disappointed as Kaname looked at the door as he knew she was listening. Yuki does not feel comfortable knowing that Zero may be put with the Night Class students because Zero hates vampires more than anything.

Hanabusa attacks Yuki with ice, causing her to be frozen enough where she cannot move as he continues to figure out why she is so special. At this time, Kaname appears, cancelling out Hanabusa's ice powers, and slaps Hanabusa causing him to stop and apologize. Kaname tells Hanabusa to go to his room and Hanabusa does so.

Kaname apologizes to Yuki and tells her that he likes her just the way she is. Kaname does not want her to come to the Moon Dormitory alone anymore, so he tells her to bring Zero next time. As Kaname directs Yuki to the door, she asks why he doesn't treat Zero very well. He replies that he is upset that his "precious girl" has been bitten by another vampire. Yuki begs Kaname not to put Zero in with the Night students, but Kaname cannot follow her wishes. Before Yuki runs off, Kaname tells her the sad truth that Zero will eventually turn into a Level E vampire. Kain expressing his lack of understanding why Kaname is so attached to Yuki when he is so prestigious and everyone is unhappy about Kaname being in the same school as Zero. Kaname tells him that Yuki is his dear girl, the only one in the entire world.

As Yuki continues to hug Zero silently crying from behind, Kaname angrily looks from the window at the scene.

Kaien tells Yuki to use the bracelet should Zero ever threaten anyone. Kaien warns Zero that no one must find out he's a vampire and with those terms from Kaname, Zero is permitted to stay with the Day Class.

At night, Yuki stands outside a window to see Kaname reading a book and remembers him and Zero then silently thanks him before leaving, not knowing that Kaname was watching her.

Kaname Kuran and Seiren arrive. Kaname says how he instructed Takuma to dispose of the Level E vampire who attacked Yuki. He asks her why she didn't say anything about it to Headmaster Cross and she says that it didn't seem important, and also because she'd like to report it herself. Kaname sits down on a couch in the nearby room and asks Yuki to join him, which she reluctantly does. Kaname he pulls Yuki closer to him by putting his hand on her shoulder and says that the safest place for her is to be beside him. Kaname and Yuki talk about the incident and Yuki says that it's all her fault, as she was being careless. Kaname then talks about how Ex-Human vampires should have never existed and goes to explain Purebloods and the vampires below them in status. Kaname reveals that it is forbidden for a human to be made into a vampire, but, long ago during battles between vampires and vampire hunters, humans were used for military power. Kaname believes it is the Noble and Pureblood vampires' job to destroy the Level E vampires, but Zero disagrees and believes it is the 'vampire hunters' jobs. Kaname asks Zero why he didn't kill the Ex-Human vampire at first sight. Kaname uses his powers to take away the pain from Yuki's wound from earlier by kissing her wound, and asks Zero again if he actually sympathized with the Level E; causing Zero to angrily point the Bloody Rose at Kaname. Seiren stops him. Kaname says for Seiren to ease herself, as it's his own fault anyway for provoking Zero.

Back to the party, Yuki is feeling uncomfortable watching the other vampires interact. Yuki looks at Kaname for a moment before she looks away when he looks at her. Once Zero leaves, Yuki insists on leaving, too, even though Hanabusa tries to stop her. When asked if it's okay for her to leave, Kaname replies that she will eventually come back to him.

The next morning, she sees that Zero isn't at school. She sees Yagari walking in the hallways and demands to know where her friend is and is told that he is being quarantined. Yagari says it's to ensure that any violent attacks to possible come would not be in effect. Yuki asks if he's still okay and asks where he is. Yagari simply ignores her question and leaves, saying that Kaien has instructed him to act as the Night Class' new teacher, much to Yuki's surprise. When Kaname walks by Yuki, he tells her that he hasn't seen Zero at all today ans she should withdraw her plea as his place was in the Night Class before going into the classroom.

At first, Zero was hesitant, but he does what she says anyway. After awhile, Zero finishes. Zero states that he is a hideous being who can't control his urges for blood. He then tells Yuki to just abandon him and that the blood tablets are only a temporary measure. Yuki refuses to abandon him, and she also says that Zero is still Zero and that it's fine to hate vampires or even her, and that those are ways of not giving up. Zero says that he couldn't possibly ever be mad at her and asks her if she is alright. Not knowing that Kaname sensed them.

The next day at school, she thinks about her proposal. Yuki knows that it's forbidden as she's offering her own blood to keep a vampire alive, and is determined to keep it a secret. She encounters Kaname from the opposite side, asking where she's been. Yuki asks about the Night Class lessons and Kaname says that he's finished, so everyone's left. Kaname asks to visit Kaien but Yuki informs him that he's not in his quarters. Kaname then walks over to Yuki and notices that her hair is wet, asking her if she's washed it. Yuki realizes that Kaname knows the truth and silently begs him not to look at her neck as he's gently touching it. Much to her surprise, Kaname hugs Yuki and wonders when she's started keeping secrets from him, noting how it's all that's changed in their relationship within the past ten years. Kaname lets go. They bid each other a good-night and Yuki leaves, wondering why her heart is aching despite wanting to keep her promise with Zero.

Toga Yagari approaches Kaname from the trees. He comments on the gentle hug that Kaname gave Yuki. Yagari says that he doesn't care why Yuki is so special to him, but says that Kaname does know what's happening between her and Zero. He asks if Kaname is furious. Kaname doesn't reply. Yagari realizes that Kaname doesn't plan on doing anything and asks why he won't kill Zero. An array of wind attacks and cut Yagari's cigarette. Kaname finally replies and says that he plans to keep silent so that he wouldn't lose Yuki then he continues forward.

During his target practice, Zero remarks by saying it wouldn't be an issue if someone else had bitten her and that she'd probably want Kaname to drink her blood anyway. He adds that he knows how she feels about him and also about her blood's taste. Yuki calls Zero a pervert and goes away, saying she doesn't like to be spied on. She runs away and tells herself how she doesn't like people commenting on her relationship with Kaname. She then says how she knows her feelings for him better than anyone else.

Yuki recalls being brought to Kaien Cross. Kaien says that he'll take care of Yuki to Kaname because he's the son of the person he is indebted to. Yuki is given a bowl of pudding but doesn't seem to understand the concept of eating. Kaien and Kaname notice this, with the latter deciding to try and feed Yuki himself. As he does so, she touches his face and sees his fangs. Yuki screams, remembering the Level E vampire. Kaname realizes that it's best for him to leave. Kaien asks whether he should go back to "that" place, knowing it's going to haunt him about his parents' death. Kaname decides to go anyway and says his goodbyes.

When Kaname leaves, Kaien talks to Yuki about how a man told him that all girls are born "princesses". Since Yuki is now his "gentle princess", she is to be named Yuki as it invokes the meaning.

A week later, still refusing to talk, Yuki tries putting on some clothes for herself. However, she cannot figure out how. Kaname suddenly enters the house and Kaien calmly greets him. Kaname is confused and asks about an emergency telegram he'd received, which involved the safety of Yuki's life. He then comments how he panicked he was and starts scratching the walls, realizing that it was all a joke. Kaien then tells Kaname to see Yuki, as she's learning how to put on clothes. Upon seeing Kaname, Yuki hides under the clothes. This causes Kaname to laugh hysterically, confusing Kaien. Kaname eventually regains his composure and leaves, telling Yuki goodbye. Yuki then gets up and grabs his coat, saying his name twice.

The next year, Yuki is dressed up and waits outside in the cold despite Kaien's warnings. She sees Kaname and hugs him, calling him "Kaname-sama". She says that it's her birthday because it's now a year since Kaname first saved her. Kaname turns to Kaien and says that he only came because he heard Yuki was kidnapped, and then asks why Kaien couldn't just tell him to come normally. Yuki starts congratulating Kaname but he says that she should be congratulated, then he thanks her.

Yuki is then shown as a preteen girl, with short hair. She asks Kaien if Kaname is a vampire and he says yes, but tells Yuki to keep it a secret as vampires still aren't trusted enough by the government. Yuki remembers when she first touched his fangs and how it wasn't a secret then. She asks if he's better than the bad vampires. Kaien asks if Kaname has ever made Yuki dislike him in any way and adds that vampires can live normally with humans. Yuki smiles and says yes.

Eleven years-old and still with long hair, Yuki runs through town looking for Kaname as he should be passing by. She thinks about how fun her meetings are with him. As she's walking, she notices how uneasy she feels and tries to reassure herself. She notices that it's getting late and sees a vampire walking through the streets. Yuki becomes very uncomfortable but then sees Kaname behind her. She hugs him and he asks if she's afraid of walking by herself. Yuki replies that she isn't when she's with Kaname. He says he feels the same way.

After class one day, Yuki attempted to visit Kaname, and saw him drinking the blood of a female Night Class student named Ruka Souen, which causes a frightened Yuki to run away. In the present, Zero finds Yuki asleep and is tempted to drink her blood when Kaname catches up to Zero, explains to Zero that the only reason he has not killed him is to keep him alive for Yuki's sake; and for Zero to be Yuki's "shield."

Kaname and Yuki are recalling memories when they encountered each other the night Yuki first offered Zero her blood. Zero is recalling what Kaname told him about him letting Zero live because he will never betray Yuki.

Suddenly, Yuki arrives and comments aloud on the peacefulness of the school and tries to ask Asato something, but cannot remember what she was supposed to say. Asato decides to ask Kaien Cross about the matter. He then asks if a well-known Vampire Hunter came to the school recently. Before Yuki can answer, Zero arrives and tells Asato that Kaien asked them to bring Asato to the headmaster. Asato begrudgingly decides to go and asks Zero to lead him. Yuki tries to go with Zero but is stopped by Kaname, who congratulates her. Yuki thanks Kaname from yesterday and running off, confusing him.

When the Night Class comes out, all the girls are so energetic that Yuki gets dragged along with them as they head towards the Night Class. Hanabusa sees Yuki and pulls her into the building, while listening to the jealous outcries of the girls left outside. In there, Kaname tells Hanabusa to stop bothering the Yuki reminds Yuki not to push herself and to be more careful. Zero then angrily comes in to get Yuki out, scolding her for getting abducted. Members of the Night Class talk about the ball while walking in the hallway.

Yuki realizes that Maria is the reason why Zero has been acting all strange recently and runs after him. Zero faces down Maria but can’t kill her. She says he can’t kill his master, who made him a vampire. She tries to kiss him, but he jerks back. She and Zero fight. Alarmed, Yuki calls his name, but Kaname puts her asleep. He erases Yuki's memory of that night, saying that he cannot lose Yuki but that Zero can die if he’s that weak. Zero faints from an injury, and Maria tells her bodyguard to carry him away.

The next day, Yuki spaces out during exams as she looks at Zero’s empty seat; Toga also notes Zero's absence, but keeps quiet. Afterwards, she meets Kaname, and they talk about the ball and dancing. Departing, Takuma notes that Yuki has utterly forgotten last night. Kaname says she’s happier that way. Toga is with Headmaster Cross, thinking how odd Kaname’s kindness to Yuki is. Kaien Cross says Kaname told him to admit Maria and that vampires handle their own affairs.

Elsewhere, Yuki struggles with Maria’s proposal; she visits Zero’s empty room, thinking of Zero’s isolation and Kaname’s kindness. She then heads for the auditorium to help set up the decorations for the dance as her class got the lowest score; the Class President continues to yell at her for not heading his warning about taking the test seriously.

Zero does without resistance, something Yuki notices is different. She quickly questions Zero why her blood tastes like, only for him to ask why she would want to know before continuing drinking her blood. Yuki remembers Maria saying that to save Zero; Yuki must either give Maria her blood or kill Kaname. Alone afterwards, Zero is filled with self-disgust.

Meanwhile, Yuki receives a ball dress from Kaname, who had previously almost failed to get her to understand he was inviting her.

Yuki runs off to find Kaname, being told by Akatsuki he's on the terrace. Finding Kaname, Yuki dances with him on the terrace. Yuki accuses Kaname of treating her like a child by putting her to sleep and erasing her memories the night before. Kaname hugs her, saying that he only wanted to protect her. Yuki makes her decision about Maria’s bargain and runs off. Zero comes looking for Yuki. Kaname tells Zero coldly that he’s supposed to protect her. Zero runs after Yuki. Seething, Kaname breaks the glass pane behind him; he tells Takuma to tie him down before he does something rash.

Meanwhile, Shizuka returns to her room, where Kaname is standing next to the window. She asks him why he attends the academy and he replies, because he also wants someone. Kaname appears behind Shizuka and says they problably have the same objective and that he would do anything for the one he loves before he shoves his hand through her heart. She tells him that she wanted to kill him, too, using Yuki. Kaname said that Yuki would've been the perfect chose. He drinks her blood, and Shizuka says that it’s similar to the first time they met: they’re both after the same thing. He then pulls his hand out of her and lays Shizuka on the ground, vowing to destroy their mutual enemy.

Meanwhile, Yuki is patrolling and meets Kaname. She says she is worried about Zero and confides her guilt about Zero's pain to him. Jealous, Kaname nevertheless leaves to visit Zero, who has been chained in a dungeon-like cell. Zero is losing to his Level E instincts. Toga and Cross were visiting Zero before Kaname came but rushed away upon hearing a disturbance, suspecting that the Senior Council had come. Kaname gets Zero to drink his blood, saying that his Pure blood will save Zero from madness and claims that keeping him alive is for Yuki's sake.

The Night Class students kills one of them. Kaname asks one of them what they were doing at Cross Academy. One of the vampires answered that it was because the Vampire Council had ordered them. Kaname then badly hurts him and he orders the other vampires to leave. Once they've left, Kaname went over to Yuki and asked her if she was okay, and was about to touch her face, but she backed away. Yuki then told Kaname that she didn't want to be treated like a child and won't speak to him until he truly admits that Zero is innocent. When Takuma joked about the scene, Kaname became angry and accidentally burns a hole in a tree that missed Takuma's head.

Yuki had been having trouble realizing what really happened between Zero and herself, also Kaname pops in her head, she tries to shake it all off.

Yuki finds herself at an old run-down building an then gets a kiss on the cheek from the little boy for helping him find his way back to the building. The boy kisses her as to thank her but he was, with this action, draining Yuki's energy, resulting in her falling down unconscious. Later Akatsuki Kain, Hanabusa Aido, and Kaname Kuran find her on the ground unharmed. Kaname says "such a troublesome girl."

Yuki wakes up on a couch, in the middle a room that doesn't have any windows. Wanting to know where she was, and finds Kaname on a chair close to her, waiting for her to wake up and became relieved that she managed to wake up. Yuki was surprised and tries to protest against Kaname for saying that she didn't know what happened. She stood up quickly and lost her balance as her vision became blurry for a moment. Kaname catches Yuki before she could fall. She thanks him and he respond with noting that she was wasn't speaking to him, overlong that conversation. Then Kaname checks her heartbeat and says that her heart has skipped a beat, saying that she knows exactly what he meant by that.

Kaname tells Yuki to stay here while he goes and contacts Chairman Cross about what happened to her so he won't be worried about her. Then Kaname and Ichijo walk out of the room after Kaname ordering Yuki to stay in the room.

At that moment, Kaname and Takuma enter the room, with everyone except Zero and Yagari bowing down to him. Next, Hanabusa's father introduces his daughter, hoping Kaname would give the honor to have a interest in her. Many other parents from aristocratic families come to introduce their daughters, all hoping that Kaname would marry one of them. Yuki sees this and runs off, not knowing that Kaname noticed her.

Yuki entered back in the room and sat in front of the door, hurting over knowing that Kaname can choose anyone over her. Suddenly the door opens a bit, Kaname asks to comes. She takes a few steps backward as he enters and closes the door. Kaname told Yuki not to leave the room and she says she is sorry. He goes over and hugs her but lifts her up saying that an apology is not enough. Kaname picks Yuki up and lays her down on the couch. He asks her why she went out of the room. Yuki says she just wanted to make sure the little boy had found his mom. Kaname rests his head on Yuki's chest, telling her to stay like that a little longer as he is tired. She gladly accepts, saying she would do anything for him. She places her arms around his head, closing her eyes. Yuki soon remembered how they use to be so close like this, finally lets him go and started to cry. Kaname opened his eyes and looked down at Yuki, worried. Yuki covers her eyes because she didn't want him to see her crying and telling him her thoughts without looking at him, his vampire eyes much filled with hunger, going closer to her neck. Yuki questions Kaname, who licks her neck. He asked her if she would want to become a vampire to be by so she can spend the long flow of time with him for eternity. Yuki wanted it allowing him too. He is about to bite her, when he stops,but she cried more. He misread the tears as fear and told her she had nothing to worry about, that he would never do anything like that to her. He is about to bite her, when he stops, but she cried more. They sit aside each other, and he apologizes for pulling it so far.

Yuki was soon returned to the Academy reunited with Sayori and Headmaster Cross. It starts snowing, and to Yuki, snow has always reminded her of red, since the day she was saved by Kaname from a vampire when she was a child. Yuki and Zero return to guardian duty the next morning. As he passes by, Kaname tells Yuki that he knows she meant what she had said the night before, but she should not take it to heart.

Yuki watches as Kaname and the others leave. On her way to the Sun Dorm, she has a flashback and becomes scared.

Yuki ponders if it would be a good idea for Kaname to turn her into a vampire, but Zero says he would never let her become one, even if it means becoming Kaname's enemy.

The next day, Takuma had dropped Kaname and the others from the Aido's villa (because Takuma has to visit his grandfather) returned and Yuki and Zero were there to greet them. Kaname gave Yuki a gift; a special rose encased in resin. Kaname also gave Zero a life-size voodoo doll, but Zero immediately rejects that. Yuki asks Kaname to meet her in private to discuss something later on and Kaname agreed.

Yuki continues to hallucinate that her surroundings are drenched in blood, and she is determined to ask Kaname about her past because he is her first memory.

During her night patrol, Yuki goes to meet with Kaname but is spooked by an illusion of blood on her hand. In her fear, she attacks Kaname, and he ultimately comforts her and tells her that he loves her.

Zero confronts Kaname about Yuki's memories. Kaname attacks Zero because he is a Pureblood yet Zero doesn't fear or respect like a vampire should and he hates Zero. After smelling Yuki on Zero, Kaname claws at Zero's chest causing him to loose blood. He forces Zero to drink his blood again to stop his transformation into Level E so Zero can continue to serve Yuki because he won't betray her. As Zero drinks Kaname's blood, he sees one of Kaname's memories.

Yuki resolves to talk to Kaname once more about her past. She gets angry with him for treating her like a child and not telling her what he knows. He asks her if she wouldn't rather stay blissfully ignorant of her past, but she emphatically explains she wishes to be strong and know the truth. He then expresses his concern that the truth will make Yuki hate him, and though she says she could never hate Kaname, he makes her promise to be his lover to prove her devotion before he will reveal the past. Yuki agrees. When he hugs her for comfort, he notices Zero looking at the two with his "worried eyes" since Kaname knows how much Zero loves Yuki.

Kaname orders some of the Night Class students to become Yuki's guards after his decision to take Yuki as his lover, much to the dismay of the other Night Class students. Yuki has nightmares and sees images of blood on everything she touches and vague memories begin to appear in her mind due to Rido's proximity.

Later, Hanabusa gives the vial to Kaname, who destroys it. Yuki hesitantly meets with Kaname during a break, with Zero standing guard, and due to the awkwardness of their meeting, cannot ask any questions about her past despite yearning for answers.

Later Yuki has visions of a woman covered in blood and of a boy, who looks and sounds like Kaname, in class.

Yuki approaches Kaname again, begging for her memories. Yuki has hallucinations in front of Kaname and says "Why do you always look so sad when you are with me?" before fainting in Kaname's arms. Kaname brings Yuki back to Kaien Cross's house. Chairman Cross then decides that the time has come for Yuki to be awoken to her vampire state. When Yuki wakes up in a room, she has hallucinations of blood all over the room.

Zero says though that the one she actually needs is Kaname and not him. Yuki then shoos him out of the room and cries behind the door. The window opposite the door then opens in a gust of wind, with Kaname standing there. Yuki gets a shock, then runs toward Kaname and cries in his arms. Zero, disturbed by the sound of Yuki crying, races back to Yuki's room, and sees that Kaname who by this time has erased the hallucinations from Yuki's mind and she is now unconscious.

Kaname carries Yuki out of the window, looking behind him and saying that Zero will not betray Yuki. Kaname then goes out the window and brings Yuki to the rooftop. While she is still unconscious, he bites her neck. Yuki wakes up from this startled and tries to resist but Kaname does not stop as he covers her mouth. Yuki then goes unconscious again and Kaname bites his wrist. Kaname then transfers his blood to Yuki through her mouth as a kiss. Kaname then asks Yuki if she knows who he is. However, Zero from a higher level of the building saw Kaname drink Yuki's blood and aims his Bloody Rose down at Kaname, misunderstanding that Kaname has turned Yuki into a vampire.

Yuki rushes and blocks Zero where she claims that Kaname is her older brother and apologizes to Zero, who became shocked, before she faints into Kaname's arms. Kaname holds Yuki tightly and then tells Zero as he walks off with Yuki in his arms that he would have been much happier if he was born as Yuki's real older brother.

Kaname reveals to Zero that Yuki is the Pureblood Princess of the Kuran family and asks him what he will do because he hunts vampires. Kaname carries Yuki off to the Headmaster's private quarters, leaving Zero unable to shoot the Bloody Rose at either vampire as he was in shock. Yuki recalls her past, that Kaname was her older brother, and her mother and father sacrificed themselves so that Rido would not be able to harm Yuki. Yuki's father Haruka Kuran died fighting Rido and her mother Juri Kuran used her remaining life to seal away Yuki's memories as a vampire, also turning her daughter into a human. The smell of blood alerts the other vampires of the Night Class that Yuki is, in fact, a Pureblooded vampire.

Kaname meets Akatsuki and Hanabusa, and explains that Yuki is younger sister and his fiancée, as long as she chooses to remain so. Upon awakening, Yuki drinks Kaname's blood to revitalize herself and sees the scene that had tormented Zero after he drank Kaname's blood then is saddened that her parents sacrificed themselves to save her and begins to cry and shatters the glass in the room out of anger. Yuki then realizes that she's in love with her older brother and Kaname doesn't have a problem with it before licking some blood off of Yuki's lips.

Yuki realizes that her mother and father were also siblings and Kaname reveals that they are engaged, and that Pureblood vampires often marry within the family to maintain the Pureblood blood line, though this fact appears to disgust Yuki as it is something only beasts would do and he leaves her.

Yuki explains she's a vampire just like them. The Level Es know she's a Pureblood and attempt attacking her, but when Yuki tries to defend Yori, Artemis suddenly shocks her. However, they are frozen and shattered by Hanabusa. Yuki asks Yori if she's okay, only be hugged by her; Yori doesn't care if Yuki's a vampire, they're still best friends. Kaname arrives, not too happy Yuki has disobeyed him, ordering Hanabusa to take Yuki somewhere she can rest. However, Yuki tells Kaname that she has people she wants to protect; Kaname points out Artemis is rejecting her.

Dreaming, Yuki sees Shizuka in the room; Yuki hears Shizuka explain her feelings for Ichiru, the boy who had been similar to her. Awakening, Yuki is greeted by Kaname, she once more begs to stay behind and protect the people she loves. However, Kaname refuses, asking if Yuki wants to make him suffer anymore after 10 years, being seperated. He gives in, saying he must do what he must while she does the same.

As Zero sits in silence in the prison cell, Kaname arrives, claiming that Zero is the "knight" he has prepared for the past four years to kill Rido. He reveals that Zero has been strengthened by drinking the blood of the three Pureblood vampires and is the stronger twin child of a vampire hunter. When Kaname tells Zero to kill Rido, Kaname reveals that Rido will hunt Yuki until he devours her and claims that Zero will never betray Yuki.

When Yuki went to retrieve a anti-vampire gun from her dorm room, Kaname arrives and they talk. Kaname reveals that he killed Shizuka and says he is sorry to Yuki.

While traveling to the Senate, Kaname remembers a memory of him and Yuki when they were younger.

Kaname goes to the meeting place of the Senate starts remembering memories of Yuki and how she is the most precious girl in the world to him while killing all of them except Ichijo, who managed to escape.

Zero is ready to kill Kaname next, but Yuki's arrival stops him; Kaname had said before that Zero would never betray Yuki. Kaname tells Yuki it will soon be time to leave .Kaname tells the Night Students that he is disbanding their classes because they were all only pawns he gathered to protect Yuki.

Aido only laughs; if that had been true, they would have been dead by now. He then notes Seiren lied about protecting Yuki, which is out of character for her. As everyone tries deciding what to do with their lives, Seiren, Ruka, Akatsuki and Aido decide that their place is with Kaname and Yuki.

As she drinks Zero's blood, she realizes what he meant when he told her he could tell she wanted Kaname to drink her blood instead.

Back in her room, Yuki is packing her belongings and removing Artemis' hoster; she remembers Yori returning Artemis to her, saying they'll always be best friends. She then sees the preserved rose Kaname gave her fall out of her pocket, remembering how he said his feelings had the opposite effect on her. She quickly goes over to Kaname with her luggage, saying that they better leave before the sun gets too high. This surprises him, wondering why she is doing this; she's no longer in danger, so she's free to do whatever she pleases. Yuki dismisses Kaname's accusation that she's going with him out of gratitude, Yuki explains he's one of the people she wants to protect. Leaving, Kaien Cross greets them, noting he'll miss Yuki's mistreat of him; Yuki bids good-bye to her "father", making him happy. Cross warns Kaname not to hurt Yuki and sees them off. Much to their surprise, Ruka, Akatsuki and Aido are waiting for them; they explain that they have chosen to follow them of their own free will. Kaname tells them to do as they please, making Yuki smile.

As the five vampires leave, Cross remembers Juri wishing Yuki could live a happy human life free of the burden of a Pureblood; however, Cross looks down at the group, noticing Ruka and Aido fighting over who will carry the Pureblood's luggage as Yuki smiles and tries to calm them down. Yuki decided to face her fate and is still smiling.

Zero looks off into the sky, remembering he promised Yuki he would kill her the next time they met. Yuki remembers this at the same time, saying she'll be waiting for that day to come.


  • "I've always been alone. The only one that can bring warmth into my life... is you." (Kaname to Yuki)
  • "Kaname-sama.... I love you! I love you! My world began with you. So...even if I can't remember my past, I'm not scared." (Yuki about Kaname)
  • "Yuki, the safest place is beside me." (Kaname to Yuki)
  • "I want to give to you, whom I love, the world that I saw, when I was a human." (Yuki to Kaname)
  • "No one can be a replacement for another person. That is why...farewells are always difficult." (Kaname to Yuki)
  • "I don't want this...I can't imagine a world where I can no longer hear your voice" (Yuki to Kaname)
  • "Return to the world filled with light, Yuki. Even if you forget about me I will still continue to remember you... You're more suited to be under the sunlight." (Kaname to Yuki)
  • "If...I'd never been born, if I'd never existed...everything would've turned out differently for you!" (Yuki to Kaname)
  • "Yuki... I'll say it once again.. It's not that I did not receive any

happiness, it's because there is light at the end of the journey." (Kaname to Yuki)

  • "I want to bring him back to life. I want him to devour my life, and I want to return inside him" (Yuki's thoughts about Kaname)
  • "A vampire's regenerative power...I wonder if she will rebirth if I pull her out of me?" (Kaname to Ai about Yuki)
  • "I must be crazy because that will never happen, but this feeling

won't go away...I thought I'd have to move forward...into this future alone with this lingering emotion" (Yuki after thinking about returning inside of Kaname)

  • "What did I do...In order to protect..."  (Kaname trying to remember his past)
  • "You're cute. I love you. My precious daughter"  "Yeah...I love you too, mom, and what about Father Kaname? "Of course I do" (Yuki and Ai talking about Kaname)
  • "Half of each of you comes from someone I loved, right? When I watch

you two, I know that person was able to live a life that was also filled with warmth. And there's one more thing... My only memory...from what time, I don't know. The phantom girl who appeared  before me on the battlefield..." (Kaname about Yuki)

  • "My strong and so is it possible that you are mine..?" (Yuki to Kaname)
  • "Why did that woman, even going as far to give me her heart, give me this peaceful time?" (Kaname thinking about Yuki)
  • "I long for him.... but I understand. There's a line that vampires and humans can't cross." (Yuki about Kaname)
  • "Lying here before me...Are traces of your existences...And you yourself...Are here". (Kaname knowing Yuki is inside of him)
  • "Kaname-sama.... I love you! I love you! My world began with you. So...even if I can't remember my past, I'm not scared." (Yuki to Kaname)
  • "If Iisten carefully, I can hear the throbbing of my chest. If I close my eyes, I can see the traces of that person." (Kaname about Yuki)
  • "I'll do anything for Kaname-sama..." (Yuki about Kaname)
  • "I want to work so I can listen to the stories about various friends from different people. By collecting fragments of the past, in my own way, I want to try thinking about what happened during the time I was asleep. If I do that, I feel as I'll be able to close the gap in time between Her and me a bit." (Kaname wanting to remember his past).
  • "There are people I want to protect...and you Kaname..will always be one of them" (Yuki to Kaname)
  • "I wonder what kind of person I was, and what I felt for her. Did I love her? When I look at those children...I have no doubt that I did." (Kaname to Yuki)
  • "I want to protect him" (Yuki's thoughts about Kaname)
  • "Stay with me a little longer, just like this. I'm so tired." (Kaname to Yuki)
  • "I don't think of you as a child. I only wanted to protect you. I thought that it was the best thing to do." (Kaname to Yuki)
  • "I've never actually said it aloud to you, but you do know, Yuki. I love you more than anyone. If it were at all possible, I would take them away from you, all your fears and anxieties." (Kaname to Yuki)
  • "Sorry. I took this too far. I won't do anything." (Kaname to Yuki)
  • "I will always be with you, Yuki." (Kaname to Yuki)


  • Yume is the western naming convention for this ship. The name combines Yuki and Kaname to create the name. Yume also means "dream" in Japanese.
  • In the January 2008 LaLa magazine poll, Yume was voted 3rd most popular with 1200 votes.
  • Two other fan names for this shipping are KanaYuu or Kanaki.
  • “In The Future And In The Past… A Unique Connection Exists For All Eternity.”[8] and "Beast Madly In Love"[9] Was a quote that Matsuri Hino use to describe the relationship between Kaname and Yuki.
  • At the end of Vampire Knight[10], after Kaname awakens, Yuki's familiar was shown with Kaname. Her familiar was also shown close up with Ai, who was hugged by her father (Yuki was able to see Kaname's awakening and Ai's reaction to meeting her father)[11]
  • Kaname and Yuki are together, but not physically. By having Yuki's heart inside of Kaname, Yuki exists within him.[12]

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